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Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Ontario public health care is being commercialized/privatized by the Ford government. This is not ok, and will not lead to an outcome that’s better than actually providing funding for the public system.

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I thought y’all had got rid of that one!? You still have ford?! Gah!
@gretared Just 18% of eligible voters cast their votes for his party. And they ended up with a comfortable majority. Well over 50% of eligible voters didn’t vote. It’s a disgrace.
it happens πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Hey Mark you should chat with our neighbour who is a local orthopedic surgeon. He's got some good insight into how it would benefit everyone. The system will still be publicity funded, just some specialized clinics will be run but with public funding. We have an example of a specialized private hospital Shouldice in Toronto that has a private hospital license and has way better outcomes for its hernia procedures (license was grandfathered).
Our current public system is completely supplied by for profit companies like food aervice, mri, hospital IT systems, furniture, robotic surgical instrumentation etc

The biggest issue will still remain. Are Ontarians willing to fund a high level of care through their taxes? The biggest hurdles with our current backlogs is that the governments only fund a max number of specialty procedures. So for example the gov will only pay for an upper limit of hip replacements.
Given covid and burnout some procedures don't currently have the capacity to reach those limits. Just a few of the topics covered during a driveway conversation πŸ˜€

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