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this is my favourite comeback post.

"Hi I've been away a few months but I just had to come back to ask about your keyboard habits, it's OK you can call me a weirdo in the poll"
you don't get to 9k toots in under three years by taking time off from Posting. the world needs this shift-key Content and i accept the responsibility
AltGring across the Fedi without nary a care.
i may beg two differ. i have accumulated many posts in a month or less
but what shift key do you use?
it depends. If the letter I want to capitalize falls under my right hand, then I use the left shift key (with my left pinky). And vice-versa.
That's "both" šŸ˜€
guess Iā€™m a weirdo then lol
ā˜‘ļø paradigm shift

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