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get some weights and train those biceps 😛

Seriously though, what's to learn about curl?
@CleoQc 🤫🐍🇨🇦🌈 I log understand what it's used for, but I've never even bothered to look at the man page.
it grabs a file for you. Some use it to pipe it with bash to automate running a script (that you trust)
@CleoQc 🤫🐍🇨🇦🌈 It's also useful in a number of debugging scenarios. I recently upgraded my OS and things broke. It would've been a useful tool in the troubleshooting process.
@CleoQc 🤫🐍🇨🇦🌈 I run services through a bit of a hodgepodge of SSH tunnels and reverse proxies. Would've helped to spot where the breakdown was happening.
curl is one of the (myriad) things I always look up how to use. I'm far too lazy to learn it given I use it so little.

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