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Does anyone remember going to underground rock/rave shows at warehouses?

Used to be a thing back in the 90s/00s.
I kinda remember the concept but was unfortunately for the most parts too young back then to actually attend. Kinda like pagers: I know what it was but grew up on SMS so I don’t really understand the entire thing.
I think the reason why they stopped was because too many people blabbed. Word got around that that's where you go to buy drugs, so dealers and users would go there because that became "the spot". And that, in turn, attracted police.

Hopefully, if they still exist, no one is talking.
I used to DJ at them and help organise them - we'd scout out the warehouses (usually abandoned ones) and prepare them a few days/weeks in advance, finding electricity supplies etc (someone managed to get a load of service head fuses). It all got too much after about 2006/07 as cops started clamping down harder due to edgelord lads hyped up on toxic masculinity vandalising the buildings when there was no need to do so (especially as you could otherwise use them more than once)

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That's what I remember too. They were fun when it really was about the music. But once certain people made it about something else (usually drugs or getting laid or something like that), that's when it became untenable.
in the end we got way too many middle class, white libertarian edgelords on the scene, which was also being funded by drugs sales, particularly ketamine which doesn't improve your thinking skills and can wreck your body - this made things much worse in the long term (especially as cops/detectives and other authorities were becoming more clued up and streetwise compared to the somewhat naïve Boomers who previously were in charge)
Same thing happened with my scene. First, everyone was about love because they were on E. Then they got aggressive when K and meth arrived.
meth never got that popular in UK, but we did get strong amfetamine mostly from Eastern Europe with all the other stuff (what really pissed me off was burned out ravers becoming more and more xenophobic, oblivious to where their party supplies were coming from!) Some events still happen but they are closed down quicker and since 2015 cops have new laws against drug driving which mean people can be busted even 3 days later for remnants in their bloodstream even if they are sober >>
I was far too much of a nerd for that.
I would say that 99% of the population is less nerdy than me

And I 100% ran raves in the woods. I miss those year.
I contributed to the delinquency of a minor by driving her to a few, yes... lol (fwiw, she and I are only like 4 years apart, and she was 17 at the time, and she was the charge of a monster of a grandmother, so I felt it was OK to allow her escape from that every now and then)
Akways had a blast at those events 🎼🎹🥁🪘🎸🎷🎺🎤
You've shown up in my feed a lot today, so I thought I'd comment on something....

I used to love underground raves and definitely knew all the people who ran the scene in my area... I even married one of them
Yeah, back in like 2008, we would grab 5-6 DJs, setup a generator in the woods, setup tents, and run a rave! It was great!

Looks like we got a few wayback machine capures
That’s super rad!
We also did a mass first aid course in my living room, a local DJ who taught first aid gave us a discount, and I would run a one person safe ride program.

That was a bonkers time, I loved it. I kinda miss it, but EDM and the reformulation of E just ruined the scene, it was tragic.
The only thing I remember about them was my highly conservative local newspaper chain publishing articles about them, decrying how they're a giant scam to sell people lots of thirst-inducing party drugs, then sell them overpriced bottled water to sate their thirst, or let them die of dehydration because they're in the middle of nowhere. Because that's what raves are about, isn't it?
Blame it all on Big Water!
…The Spot in DC…

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