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Brand new pinephone OS just dropped

A pinephone with keyboard case running Windows 3.1 in dosboxA pinephone with keyboard case installing Windows 3.1 in dosbox
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I'm simultaneously impressed and horrified.
needed games for sxmo obviously
How is the screen resolution compared to the good old screens from that era? 🤔
I went from Waterloo Unix to Windows 95 so I skipped the 3.1 era so don't have a frame of reference
@silverwizard I ran Windows 3.11, and considered 1024x768 to be bleeding edge at the time, though I usually worked in 640x480 since my graphics card or monitor (not sure which) couldn't render the former without producing a high-pitched hum that gave me headaches with prolonged use.
Same here, though I think I managed some 800x600 pixel resolution on my setup and after my switch to Linux I managed the 1024 resolution without the noise of the graphics card.

PinePhone is listed with 1440x720 pixels. On a much smaller screen size from what I remember my screen had back then 😆
@Tobias Sorry, 800x600 was what I typically used. I forgot about that setting.
@Tobias I also used 320x200 8-bit colour depth a bunch since I could write C/C++ programs to do blindingly fast graphics since it all fit within a 64K memory segment that I could just write directly to.

Those were the days.

Also, there were major security drawbacks to this approach, but we don't talk about that.
Apparently Windows 3.1 needs additional drivers to tell the screen resolution it's running in. And... no... I'm not that broken yet

I just wanna play a rougelike from the creators of Fortnite
To be clear, it's not amazing
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Side note: it's weird seeing a Windows 3.1 interface with "ALSA" in the background.
Yeah, it's very off and I love it

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