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Hello folks, let's build this thing!

Our future expansion/redundancy has arrived and as promised, pictures!

We're currently inventorying what we have and will be working up plans to scale up the Mastodon, Pixelfed and Toobnix fediverse instances here at SDF.

We don't expect service impacts as we are now just spreading out the load across a server farm as it is built.

Thank you for being here and growing with us!

#mastodon #pixelfed #peertube #fediverse

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scary amount of hardware - hope you enjoy the work.
wow! Are we going to grow past one rack? Did we already?
how many new users join in just the last 30 days?
@pfr yes, email membership to get an invite
Great support for the Qlogic/Aberdeen fiber channel RAID with @netbsd Immediately saw the 76TB configuration (15x6TB) and completed a newfs in a couple of minutes. 🔥

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@netbsd omg love it thx for sharing this stuff.
Sweet, making all the homelabers jealous 🤣 .
Outstanding set-up! (I’m an I.T. nerd IRL) I just joined today, thank you so much for having me!
holy sh**t, lot of space and processing power!
Oooh, a rack of DLs, pretty.
amazing. Thank you for everything!
jesus what is all that stuff? Measured in TRS80's.
This looks slightly beefier than what I'm hosting my node from:
photo of a laptop
This looks incredible!
Hi there. I'm curious, since you run a big instance, what the rough resources required are - I don't seem to find much info about big vs small instances. Did you blog this somewhere that I am blind to? Is there a ELI5 (or an "Explain like I also run racks of machines"?), cheers!
congrats! an you were so fast at deploying new hardware. Shouldn't have doubted you already had plans in works from the very beginning. Count on my MetaARPA subscription renewal ;)

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