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Being a vegetarian is weird because I often forget I am a vegetarian, but everyone acts like I talk about it too much
@silverwizard I honestly don't think I've ever seen you bring it up (apart from just now).

I have seen you talk about it when someone else has, but that's it.

...and this is including all those trips to McCabe's.
I mean, it does come up ever so often, but it's very weird
This is the first I'm hearing about it. Maybe it's just people who see you with food IRL?
It's mostly that I think people who aren't vegetarian feel judged by vegetarians, so when they find out they get super defensive and then it's weird
I've heard that before. Ian Danskin (Innuendo Studios) has a great old video on why people get weird around people who live differently to the mainstream and he also concludes that they feel judged by the existence of people who chose a different path from them.

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