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These are the Biden holiday decorations, just unveiled by our first lady, Dr. Jill Biden.
My first thought was, โ€œWhat, no blood red scary trees, symbolizing the blood of our enemies?!โ€
Itโ€™s sure nice to have normal back. In so many ways.

reshared this

Oh yeah, this is understated.
To be fair, I think people were overcritical of Melania's decorations. They weren't the traditional decorations, but I thought they were quite stunning.
Good one George - that was such a scary time.
Willow Biden is gonna love this...
If he used red it would trigger the crazy Satanic Panic people ๐Ÿ˜‚
It sure is a lot cozier than that "Jadis of Charn, White Witch of Narnia" theme under TFG.
Iโ€™m sorry I assumed those tall red things Melanie installed were a veiled advertisement for tampons Not the blood of our enemies
โ€œnormalโ€ has been very nice, although I do miss the amazing Saturday Night Live skits, but certainly donโ€™t want it back.
I get it, but lots of American's are struggling. Maybe less would have meant more?
total class from the Bidens
I'm glad you're here George.
nice to have a First Lady who doesnโ€™t hate Christmas.
Unlike Melania's, this year's White House Christmas was not sponsored by Tampax.
This meme from 2018 was hilarious.
Classy and sweet, just like the Bidens. Here is a video of highlights:
Melania's decorations looked like scene out of some Stephen King novel.
Lovely - tasteful and warmly traditional ๐Ÿฅฐ
You and I are thinking alike.
This is lovely and tasteful. Thank you, First Lady Jill Biden.

And yes, who can forget Christmas at the Overlook Hotel, courtesy of whatshername.
I dunno. I loathed everything about Trump's in the White House but I kinda liked Melania's Chirstmas decor. I mean it had a little Beetlejuice vibe but ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ
Fox has a total meltdown over the Biden war on Christmas for some reason in 3.. 2...
You didn't like the creepy Melanoma Christmas?
The green dรฉcor suggests tranquility and calmness.
it looks so ... understated, with nothing to prove.
Wow, tasteful, elegant, and classy -- three things that can NEVER be said about the previous occupants.
I wondering if we'll ever see a mid-century modern themed Whitehouse Christmas.
very wholesome, but it makes me uncomfortable.

The White House belongs to all Americans, not just Christians. Whether or not the Bidens celebrate Christmas, the White House should have decorations year round to mark everyone elseโ€™s traditions and those should get equal fanfare.

Official Christmas decor without non-Christian representation promotes the dangerous notion that this is a Christian nation.
@Opusmarta christmas.

christ - mas.


You know, Christian.
@Opusmarta okay, sure. Except the White House is calling it a Christmas tree so the problem still exists regardless of what you personally call it.

This argument strikes me as being really intellectually dishonest and a bit like youโ€™re intentionally distracting from the core complaint that religious minorities are not recognized equally in public life.

Thatโ€™s not what you meant to do, is it?
@taephoenix no, ofc not. I just think winter soltice is non-religious, it has just been appropriated. But your point is valid, and I understand especially when it has such a christian name in english. @georgetakei
@Opusmarta winter solstice is both a scientific fact and a Pagan (religious minority) holiday, so yeah, I can see how that would be a bit different.

As you say, the appropriation of the symbols is entrenched, so I think weโ€™re on the same page about where the problem lies.
I love a modern stark aesthetic, but this is truly beautiful and warms in a way the PEOPLEโ€™S house should! โค๏ธโœจโค๏ธ
itโ€™s leaking the smell of children.
@georgetakei@universeodon.cosimple yet elegant.
Normal? a presidential living room of some sort? normal? :o)
Beautiful!! So glad there are no more demonic, blood red, Russian themed Christmas decorations! So wonderful to have a tasteful beautiful Christmas Decor again.
Looks so peaceful ๐ŸŽ„
I am colorblind.
Am I lucky or deprived in this case?
The FFL had a knack for modern decorations.Nothing wrong with that,but I found them to be cold and uninviting.Those red trees looked like someone died cutting them.
Oh, look! A room you're not afraid to walk into! Downright homey, actually.
A smart person would think before they speak and research what they say first. If they did they'd know the Obama's decorated with a lot of red.
I bet they purposely stayed faaar away from the blood red thang. ๐Ÿ˜‚
ge is no Michelle but thank God sheโ€™s also no miss Trump
Melania Surveys The White House at Xmas
In the Biden home, the trees are green
And extremely ordinary
And nobody knows why the fake winter snow's
Not whiter than Matthew Perry

And their stockings are hung by the chimney, among
The holly, placed there with care
And every single Christmas light twinkles
Instead of a glassy-eyed stare

But perhaps the most vexing, really perplexing
Part of their holiday cheer
Is the fact that the people are so quite agreeable
To have them come back next year!
Beautiful and warm. Not cold and dreery like The Nightmare Before.
Glad he's gone, but I liked the red Christmas trees.
Melaniaโ€™s โ€œfocking Kreesmasโ€ decorations were so festive. Nothing like Murder Trees to counter all the War-on-Christmas negativity.
My first thought was 'I should paint my living room green for Xmas'
The Bidens sure do "cozy" very well - much more welcoming to a family. Reminiscent of a 1950's, classic, working family's living room, during Christmas. Whereas the red Trump trees all looked like they had been passed from a cold, sterile, robot, which was powered on the tears of generations of overworked and underfed children.
love the decorations. They are so cozy.
Blood red scary trees will not be missed ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป
@Truth These look familiar somehow...
screenshot from "The Handmaid's Tale" of a large group of handmaids in their red uniforms
This is lovely, but I will always stand by loving Melania's red trees. They were gorgeous. She's a monster but I loved the aesthetic.
It's beautiful and not scary at all
That's because Dr. Biden is a normal, caring person. That being said, the staff went the extra distance for her and made window shades out of ribbon and bells. Beautiful.
Very pretty. It's the colors of Christmas ribbon candy.
donโ€™t forget the ice queen Christmasโ€ฆher non-existent soul manifested in her Christmas decor. Who would know a Christmas tree could tell so much.

Content warning: Unpopular opinion

- Normalcy in the White House. Let's hope we can keep it that way in the future.
For the love of god we are still in November!
So pretty!! I'df love to just sit in that room and enjoy the decorations.
What? No White Witch Narnia Courtyard?
Needs more gold. ๐Ÿ˜‚
It turned out so beautifully & itโ€™s motivating me to decorate this year after swearing I was going to take it easy this Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜…๐ŸŽ„โค๏ธ
Tasteful, class. As much as I loved The Shining, it never went well with Christmas.
Classic and elegant, just like the First Lady
The things we choose to remember. Makes me realize what may not affect you, will affect others differently and theyโ€™ll remember it.
Now if they could somehow restore Jackie's rose garden...

What happened to it was a criminal act.
Peaceful, beautiful, and welcoming.
It also seems very normal in scale. It doesn't feel like it's taking over the whole room. That's decor you might see in a person's actual house. The blood color was kind of nice IMO because I love red, but the shapes and scale were hella unwelcoming and overwhelming. Which ruined any enjoyment I might have found in the color itself. It was just too much toomuchness.
beautiful and classy decorations
Tasteful wins the day over bloody horror.
wow. That is so pretty!!!
they're not trying to make the trees scream this year #scp4521
Almost like ours before the kids.
beautiful decorations & tree
Wow. White House holiday decorations that don't look like outtakes from "The Shining"!!!
it looks so wonderfully homey instead of "designer chic"
White House holiday decor is beautiful!
so much better First Lady
This looks so warm and comfy...
itโ€™s certainly nice to have good taste back.
I agree. What a lovely, sparking, gentle, appropriate holiday sight. Thank you @FLOTUS
What difference an election makes.
we want our rose garden back!
Normal human emotional affect is ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Does anyone know whether FLOTUS Dr. Biden has plans to restore the Rose Garden?
A "beautiful, heartfelt Christmas" . . It's so nice to see you again!
yeah trump's trees were horrendous
very pretty. Kinda like a cross between Christmas and Goodnight Moon
Biden's Climate Chaos Plan, Drill Baby Drill. Won't be long before Biden steals Venezuela's Oil.
This. IS. Delightful!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I like normal much better! Everything touched by a trump was desecrated!
Never again!
in so many ways. This is just glorious.
I just want to cozy-up in there with the kids and the fam and the pups. Thank you, Jill!
It doesn't say "look at me, look at me" It says "Welcome to a homey simple Christmas"
understated and traditional, just like them. โค๏ธ them.
I love the Christmas trees in the White House. Itโ€™s way better than what the last administration had.
Hello Mr. Takei... wonderful to see you.
It's lovely. Cozy, welcoming Christmas as we remember it.
such a breath of fresh air!
Maga blood is too toxic anyway.
The Hall of Melaniaโ€™s Used Tampons was appropo
it looks like a very cozy, welcoming room.
They did a lovely this year.
Oh my God, I thought the same.
We have a ways to go to have normalcy back George. We just had a former president dine with a Holocaust Denier. Arkansas is trying to ban healthcare for transgender youth and the right is eying gay marriage lasciviously. Yes, the White House now has human beings in it but Americans are a mess.
in the Vermeil room, FLOTUS has a display with Commander & Willow represented.
so beautiful and such a far cry from Melanoma.
chop a living being in half and keep it alive on life support, cover it in shredded plastic and symbolic flames, and celebrate capitalism beneath it

... pretty freaky when you think about it
Aren't they beautiful, all class
I hope we can get some donors to restore The Rose Garden. They butchered it.
if only the Biden administration would do something about our falling to fascism lol
Beautiful picture almost like a fairy tale picture of long ago all warm and fuzzy! Been missing the feeling! #WhiteHouse
Itโ€™s ok. I would have maybe liked it a little more decorated, but thatโ€™s ok. Itโ€™s fitting for their home. Looks like she did it herself. Im just a sucker for glass icicles and frosted trees is all. Wonder what it will look like in the visitor areas?
rather . . . restrained. In good taste, even.
I was hoping theyโ€™d replant the rose garden.
It looks great.
The previous occupier turned the WH into something that looked like it could be a set for The Handmaidens Tale.
I really loved the last year decorations but this year the theme is so wonderful and of course the decor is top notch as it should be!
while normal is certainly better than that horror show from before, 'normal' still had me starving down to a death weight back when I was trying to live on my own. Because 'normal' is still a perfect storm for too many of us. We have a long ways to go together
It's beautiful. So classic. I feel English country, Victorian. It's just so warm. Like something from a Thomas Kinkaide painting.
You may find this morbid and if so, I apologize. Seeing your picture and your posts reminds me of my father. The last movie we watched together two days before he died was Star Trek: The Voyage Home. He suffered a Glioblastoma. For the time we started the movie, he was lucid. He told me he loved me. And he was aware throughout the movie. He really loved you and the rest of the cast. Called it 'Reality'. It was his hope for the future. His 'Reality'.
hard to see how anyone might be triggered by this, oh wait... conservatives.
it's so nice to have a home back in the house.
If your Christmas celebration doesn't invoke images from Handmaid's Tale, are you even trying?

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