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As an American, the French, Luxembourg, Dutch, and Russian flags all basically look exactly the same to me.
Why are European flags so boring and basic? Why not get some inspiration from across the pond. Observe, but don't appropriate, #Mexico's flag, which is objectively by far the coolest of any country flag. It's an eagle attacking a rattlesnake while standing on a cactus!
Mexican flag
So like getting the wolf nursing Romulus and Rome back into the Italian flag? Because that'd be pretty much the equivalent of the Mexican emblem
@targea_caramar Other notable entries for awesome flags are Sri Lanka that has a lion holding a sword and Bhutan, which has a straight up dragon on it.
Any thoughts on Spain and the Royal Crest?
it even tells a story.
Our's is pretty cool.
The Welsh Flag, the Ddraig Goch.

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@mw1cgg If this is the Welsh/Cymru flag, that makes me very happy as a person of Welsh-descent.

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