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I feel like people here on the Fediverse generally think a lot more about their posts than they do on Twitter, for example!

Over the years I have seen several examples of people who wonder whether or not to post things, but also many questions whether certain content is allowed or not. And I love this!

Even seen people putting extra effort to reduce file size for videos on PeerTube even to safe space :blobcathearts:

Like uh.. we are more "aware" of the content instead of blasting it out like a speaker on the bird 🐦site:

Thank you for that ❤️ :fediverse: :blobcathug:
Very true!

I wonder the nice atmosphere of the Fediverse might also have to do with the federated nature of the network of people.

That is: An instance-based neighbourhood of (presumably) like-minded people adhering to some code of conduct including blocked instances.

Maybe this could also be described as slightly more involved moderation (per instance) based on shared values

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Reminds me a bit of the early blogosphere when people went out of their way to communicate with fellow bloggers, guest post, share links, etc. It wasn't just content silos everywhere run by selfish "influencers"
Yes, yes! I've been having exactly the same feelings and experiences. So much more enjoyable. These place feels to be alive, open, cozy, positive, all at the same time. It reminds me of my favorite coffee shop back in Memphis 20 years ago. An inviting place to go to just be with people.
Right! A term I just remembered which you don't really hear anymore is "netiquette" — feels to me like the fediverse culture actually makes that a thing again. I'm all for it—and cozy coffee shops too! 😄
I also remember "netiquette" and when it was a thing! I think it added something healthy to communities. I wonder where it went.
@Floppy Honestly, social media killed it. It used to be unthinkable to post pictures of people online without their permission, for instance.
Heh, I just saw someone use the term "fediquette" — love it! 🙌

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Indeed, # is also used at times! It should be a thing. 😀

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