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Network Feed Not Loading

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As the title suggests, I've been having trouble getting my home feed to load lately. It keeps timing out. It's been an intermittent issue, but seems to be getting worse. Everything else works, and other accounts on the same server seem to be less affected.

I've recently set my database to prune remote content that is more than 30 days old hoping that that would help, but if anything it's gotten worse. I'm wondering if the pruning itself is contributing to the problem. I imagine it's a rather computationally expensive process; how often is it done?

Though, the problem could be something else entirely. Any thoughts?

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As a side note: I put the node into maintenance mode once a day to dump the database and perform a full backup. For a while, the problem seemed to get worse immediately after doing this (which I attributed to the node catching up with what had happened while it was down).

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Please have got a look at your database and their settings. There are surely some guides out there how to improve their performance. Also you should optimize your database tables from time to time as well.

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@Michael Vogel Will do. I've disabled the pruning for now and that seems to have helped, but with the intermittent nature of the problem it's hard to be certain. I've also noticed that there's a setting to periodically optimize tables that was disabled. I've enabled it and in a week or so I'll try to re-enable the pruning.

If the problem persists, I'll have a closer look to see what other optimizations I can make.

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My older node seems to be behaving similarly on develop.

My new node, on stable, doesn't do this.

Both have expiry of non local posts and database optimisation enabled.

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It was running ok before updating from stable

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