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So I decided not to do any interviews regarding my Elon musk beef. I feel my work there is done. 💅
But oh boy, they would be fun!
Feels like you played a significant part in improving the mental health of millions, to be honest.
Wise choice. What happened speaks for itself.
I found it hilarious so there's that 😜
Out here doing the Lord’s work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Good call! Sometimes the best action is no action (and it also really riles the haters when they don't provoke a response)
good for you. Seize the reigns 👑
good plan. They need you for their ratings and clicks. Also, you're awesome in every way, shape and form.
I have no idea how you're restraining yourself from milking the publicity. Honestly I do not know if I'd have it in me lol
Or maybe accept the interview requests and spend the whole time talking about how awesome your non-Tesla EV is. "Did Musk say something mean to you?" "Well, I was in my AWESOME Polestar when I got the news, and I was so enchanted by the smooth drive and handling, I couldn't be bothered. And talk about range!!!"
That was the pre-final drop that made me move here. The endorsement of a particular party in American elections was the final. But… look what you made him do:
A screenshot of a tweet by @chaser, also known as Elon Musk Fondles Dogs: "Elon has blocked verified accounts from changing their names…"
I love that I’m seeing this just 3 minutes after you posted it!
This place should be called Kathydon since so many people have followed you here from Twitter!! 😜
Indeed! 👏 👏 👏
you don’t owe anyone anything 💜
Who the hell needs him? None of us.
thank you for your service. ✨
Don't let the bastards drag ya down, etc.
@Cyndathemad I like it very much because it’s so much friendlier. I also like the idea that there isn’t a MAdMan in control of it. I am not sure if I can post photos or videos though. That part I do miss. ❤️
Besides, Elon is doing a nice job destroying himself.
it's a tough situation. You had a verification symbol to the head of many global companies. Being the head, you could have effected other publicly traded companies causing an effect in stock change hurting investors. Not the worst thing in the world but then Musk is liable & could get sued for losses.

I'm thinking he initially thought it was funny till his lawyers called him. I know I would have thought it was funny if I were in his shoes.

May you thrive on #mastodon
and you did that work so very well. ❤
you are a better person than the manbaby
your work indeed *is* done over there. You’ve done more damage to imperialism than you’ll ever know. After your ouster, @JoyceVance mentioned @Mastodon in a tweet, and I thought “I wonder if Kathy is over there?” Imagine my pleasant surprise 🧨‼️ (Hint: I discover who’s here by typing @ and their name 🙂.)
@Cyndathemad Pretty sure you can now. Stux worked like a crazy person and got sorted.

Actually, you can. It all depends on the instance / server and app that you use.
Well, your work there is done, anyway, if not done here, per se. Huzzah!
I’m with you.
In the end, this would simply advertise <img class=" title=":twitter:"/>HIM <img class=" title=":twitter:"/>
It appears he will increase everything bad there, so I’m happy to be here!
Why not? Because of current load on network?
Well done! The queen does not speak about the little man with the birdsite.
@Cyndathemad you definitely can post photos and video
@Cyndathemad indeed, like that to. Thing is, currently anyone disagreeing with the new owner of the birdsite is put away as politically motivated. Prompted me to check out the communities on here.

This feels like going to your small local pub, with the owner taking orders, running the bar and serving. It's all good 😁.
there’s a ronan keating lyric in here about saying nothing at all. But only #mastodaoine will get it and nobody likes him anyways.
#shero & welcome to a gentler, quieter experience, so far 🤞, of #mastodon. Look forward to your #toots
Kathy, I literally created this account here because of what he did with you. I'm sure MANY MANY others. Your work is indeed done there. 💪
Honestly, you did a service to.humanity exposing Elon for the fragile ego buffoon he is...
That’s the classier way to handle it. Let them stew in their own juices back there on The Dark Side.
@Kathy Griffin Mastodon can typically do pictures and short videos. For longer videos, you might want to have a look at PeerTube.
interview with LCRW when, tho?
“Musk beef” sounds like the worst thing imaginable in the culinary world.
maybe make a donation to mastodon servers in his name and encourage all your supporters to 😊 just an idea
Good for you! Today is a big day anyway—anxious about what this election will bring us…
giving it and him no more oxygen is a good thing. And you are awesome.
may I just say that Elon Musk Beef does not sound like a prime cut.
The less air that ass gets, the better.
You should save that material for standup.

Or, if you really want to create change. Only do the late shows.
A true artist lets the work speak for itself. :blobartist:
TSLA shares down 50% this year and 13% in just the past month.
Toot toot!😎
So, that's it? I'm laid off? Kicked to the curb, like some Twitter grunt?

I'm hurt. But my love for you is boundless, so I will recover (if you'd please follow me 😀
You are an inspiration. Thank you for making good trouble!
Elon is blessed
(by the other guy, not by me).
Trust me, he's feeling it. 🤡
@davo only $200 billion? I feel terrible for him.
@me Sorry, I misread thinking it said "Twitter" Instead of "Tesla."

Regardless, the schadenfreude is real.
I have a visual of you slowly departing into the sea, like Godzilla after he rescues Tokyo from Megalon.

I'd really like to take you by the hand and make you create your own littel instance for your and your personal invites. It's a nobrainer and than you do a late night talk show victory round, signing up the hosts, showing off with your own 44 usd social network instance.

It's in a blink of an eye .. AND! .. you can block on your instance!
You work was fantastic
you could always work in a comment that you're on Mastodon now.
and an excellent piece of work it was, A+ no notes (glad you made it over here!)
Chapeau! Well done you. I think we should just abandon Twitter to the Right and let it eat itself.
I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the phrase "Elon Musk beef." It takes me places I don't want to go.
Elon Musk beef sounds as nauseating as Trump steak.
BIG hug! 🤗

Most of his 44 Bil will rather go into renewable energy than into proprietary social-media, Tesla or X-Space.

You helped a lot to speed it up!

Incredible well done!
"Leave it all behind ya" — Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) slogan. Toots!
Good decision. This seems a good place to find new tones for our voices and new ideas to share. Glad you chose to come here.
We'll miss you there ❤️

Not that you need to hear this. But, I'm so proud of you. Truly.

You've inspired us all.
It was definitely worth it. Bravo.
you are simply the best this
@Cyndathemad We can NOW post photos.

Here's one of palm shadows stretching for the ocean...looks like a blue wave to me 😉

Thanks @stux!!
Palm shadows stretching toward the ocean in Dana Point, CA.
And good work it was!😍
Musk should be beefed until he stops bluffing. --- Joseph Brodsky
@Cyndathemad yep there is a photo option 🙃
is this you on Twitter?
I marked my Twitter profile as "parody" in the bio, but they still permanently banned me, so ... Happy to join you in the "Banned by Elon" club!
Elon has a vendetta because Dems didn’t call him for the EV Industry meeting in the WH.
that's the best mic drop of the month!
have you considered it might be worth keeping the feud in the social media news cycle to generate press for #TwitterMigration ?

Just a thought
@kathygriffin, Good call.

I have a pretty little account on the bird app, but when I popped my cork in a post there about his BS, misogynistic, asshole-ish stunt at your expense, I got more feedback BY FAR than any other post I’d ever made. You’ve got a lot of support!!! ❤️
excellent work Ms. Griffin! Glad I found you here! #TwitterExile
👍 And ignoring him now is the best thing to do. It will get under his skin.
There isn't much can be done, anyway.
I think that’s fair.


Mind blown.
I'm proud of you, for no apparent reason other than you are a riot (New England slang for hilarious.)

Content warning: Contains an altered tweet of Elon Musk (technically NOT parody)

I love this so much. Her actions speak for themselves.
You mean this. What were you thinking? F around, find out.
Great job on showing Elon Musk the fallacy of his Twitter beliefs. He can’t pretend to be up for full freedom of speech if he can’t even tolerate a few pranks.
I like such words. Thanks
I don’t want to be on a Twitter that doesn’t have you. You are hilarious and brave. 💛

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