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Child sexual abuse is a real and growing danger.

📈 More than 2 million children are being affected every year.

This week, we have proposed new rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online⬇️

STOP THIS. You're ignorant if you think this is the solution to the problem.

For the politicians that are proposing this: remember that the backdoor you are trying to create will be used against you 😀
Please, also consider the very real harm done by hate speech and mean comments.

You should think about expanding the scope of this legislation and also protect the citizens from only hate crime and mean words.
In spirit of proposed regulation, all speech should be prohibited, it is the only way to be sure.
Wait until they propose... Mind control
@Steffen "expanding the scope" is exactly what I'm worried about.
if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

I for one welcome our new child-protecting laws
@Steffen Care to hand me your email and banking credentials then?

Besides, this is a red herring. There are many people who live under repressive regimes. If the only things that are encrypted are the things that people feel they need to hide, then the very act of using encryption in the first place makes one suspect, regardless of what's being said.

If the vast majority of encrypted information becomes "letters to grandma" it becomes much more useful as a tool for protecting people, because it no longer arises suspicion. It short, it helps the "good guys" too.

Backdooring encryption is a bad idea, full stop.
Well, no, I wouldnt give that information to *you*

But we both give that information to the government aka the EU, at least as far as banking is concerned.

And we don't live under an oppressive regime, indeed, having the government control all communications is what prevents us from becoming one. Otherwise, the terrorists win.

They have really proposed it in a way that opponent of this bill will looks like they support child-abuse.

Good wiki article, I am saving it

People will just move to other communication mediums that is impossible to "crack" down on

You know, the human rights in the ECHR are generally considered to be indivisible and interdependent, that is, one cannot enjoy one of the rights without the other. One of those rights is privacy of communications. If we start sawing at these rights, chances are we'll lose others, and the entire founding principle of the EU is lost.

The motivation, I cannot fault. I have children as well that I want...
... to be safe. But the method of undermining a fundamental human right is just the wrong response, ethically as well as for the mechanic reasons you others have outlined here.

At the same time, the next generation internet initiative by the EC invests heavily into a more human centric future internet, in which human rights are supposed to be *more* protected than now.

It's also inconsistent here.
It genuinely appears as if the commission doesn't know what it's doing here, and that's intensely scary.

You have advice on this matter. Civil society is consistently advising you not to undermine privacy. It's tragic that this advice keeps getting ignored to the detriment of absolutely everyone.
With # and #, the
@EU_Commission proposes # legislation in direct opposition to our fundamental right to # of communications, set forth in the # as one of the founding principles of the #. This despite express and repeated recommendations by #. Known effective methods for protecting against abuse are instead ignored.

The goal is right. The method is as wrong as it can be. It's # and #.

As I wrote to Frau #, as a German, she should be painfully aware that in the last 100 years, we've had two secret polices with access to everything, the # and the #, and the entire world knows how that turned out.

Farming this out to tech companies with *less* oversight surely will be A Good Thing (Yeah, no, that's # just so we're clear).

fuomag9 reshared this.

Yes, this is a birdsite crossposter. Not all of the official # accounts are, though, like @EC_OSPO and @EC_NGI where responses are given.

But I don't know if the # does interact on twitter. What I notice there is that they have much more followers, but responses to tweets are for the most part insubstantial troll replies.
I have sent them a hint at and pointed to asking them to read the replies.
You're welcome 🙂
If more people did the same, maybe they will pay attention 🙏
Don't be like this
Nah - not a fan of Russian politics. Don't want that in Europe
We need privacy to protect us against horrible murder Regimes.
Remember it was one law that made it illegal for Russians to make it illegal to call the Invasion of the Ukraine a war.
If they have the data it's just one more law to arrest everybody who says something they don't like
Love how everyone is united in saying that this shit sucks.

Also, this shit sucks, let's not undermine the Internet just for children. There are better ways of solving child abuse.
Do you remember the attacks of September 11?
Despite the means put in place by American security services (NSA, FBI, CIA…) this did not prevent the attacks, all because the terrorists did not or little used technology to avoid being detected.
What do you think pedophiles are going to do?
The same thing !
And it is those who yearn for privacy with family, friends, who wish to protect themselves from attack who will eat for criminals.

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