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Looking for recommendations for alternatives to #. Any suggestions?
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KVM is really good. Otherwise VMware Player.
another one for KVM here!
Solid, feature rich, compatible with loads of architectures - all good!
I really like what the Cockpit team have done over the years regarding VM control. It's gotten to be a quite good VMware UI lookalike for many use cases.
Yep, the Cockpit management is amazing. I used to solely use virt-manager, but with Cockpit how it is now I can use that for almost everything with a little bit of config if needed with `virsh edit`
On the IT Professional side, it's also amazingly easy to manage remote client sites that way, rather than having to use a dedicated tool (HyperVManager, VMWare ESXi thingy, VirtualBox, etc.)
yeah for sure! The amount of hackery we've put into our Ansible deployment playbooks to automate VM deployment on standalone non-vSphere ESXi would have been completely unnecessary with for example a Rocky host and KVM and Cockpit as the UI for the clicky types.
VMware or KVM
I've used VMware until I got tied of searching for the latest version every time I upgraded my kennel.
Qemu is slow unless you install the accelerator. But that makes it unstable.
I use VirtualBox nowadays, although not very often.
I've had no stability problems with qemu.
+1 for KVM. Really fast, lots of features.
I only used Qemu to run Windows XP, and it was a long time ago. My system was crashing occasionally, and those crashes went away when I removed the Qemu module.
I never checked if this issue was resolved in the mean time.
GNOME Boxes is apparently okay

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