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PeerTube, the Fediverse's alternative to YouTube, is normally associated with video. However, you can also upload audio files directly to PeerTube. It will accept lots of audio formats including .mp3, .ogg, .aac, .flac, .wma etc.

You can optionally upload an image file as a thumbnail. If not, audio files will show a black screen by default.

You can find out more about PeerTube at

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Yep. I discovered this on my own installation. Very useful for streaming access.

I think it transcodes it into a video, though. Haven't really tried to see if there's a way to download the original audio file.


I just tried it on my own instance, it does download as audio in the original audio format.

Maybe the transcoding is just for internal purposes and it uses the original file for downloads.

you can stream FLAC from peertube?! Sweeeet!


It will be transcoded for streaming, so you can upload a FLAC file but the streaming format won't be FLAC.

I don't know if peertube is gonna stay for long with how its going growth wise. Video is much different and harder than 500 word text posts. Unless the dev is just trying to be a side place to upload media...
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@abcxyz Yeah, there's a reason I haven't self-hosted a PeerTube instance yet. If I ever do, I definitely won't have open registrations. I just don't have the resources.

PeerTube has been in existence since 2017, it's backed by @Framasoft who are one of the biggest supporters of FOSS and the Fediverse.

The idea is to create a place to host video (or audio) where people aren't spied on or exploited by algorithms.

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@Framasoft yes but as I said... video is much harder to support. Server costs are too high. And its just gonna grow, not shrink. If it doesn't earn anything, I don't see how long they will be able to support it. But hey, I am not a pessimist. If it does manage to be something like telegram or something, where you just upload whatever you want, I'll be more than happy...

@abcxyz @Framasoft

Server costs are higher for video, but it's called PeerTube because it uses peer-to-peer technology so that when people watch a video they also send bits of the video to each other. This significantly reduces the amount of bandwidth the video host needs, which makes it better suited to indie servers with lower budgets.

I don't think it's aiming to be like Telegram or any messaging service. It's mainly meant as an alternative to YouTube.

@Framasoft that's a great point! I get it. When I mentioned telegram, I meant the saved messages and channels feature where you can virtually treat it as your free limitless cloud storage

But, yeah, you're right about limitless not being possible! It's kind of difficult to compete with giant corporations on unlimited storage space.

Think for the moment PeerTube is aiming for small independent niches rather than a limitless service. For example or The niches can federate together though, so you can browse and search many niches on one server.

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@Framasoft yeah so you are saying like each instance will be its own topic, own rules and all. But for consumers, it will be one single service. That's pretty neat. I hope Peertube actually gets some good and diverse content to watch...
I’m still very confused over the differences and similarities of PeerTube, Owncast, and Invidious.

PeerTube is a video hosting platform, for watching pre-recorded videos. Try looking at for example. (It also has streaming but the main focus is on pre-recorded stuff.)

OwnCast is a video streaming and chat platform, like Twitch. Try watching for example.

Invidious is a way of watching YouTube without Google seeing your personal info.

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Any sense of how PeerTube intends to handle takedown notices?
Each server is totally independent, legally and technically. It's up to each individual server's owner to comply with legal requirements in their country.
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understood - we just thought you might have discussed it with them


Just the formats on the list, sorry.

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