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Just got to meet the potential newest addition to our family today. Fediverse, I want to introduce you to Benny. If all goes well, we'll be taking him home tomorrow.

I had to take the photo from behind a glass pane. It doesn't do him justice.
photo of Benny, a nearly three month old short-haired grey/brown/white kitten
I just now realized I posted this on #caturday.
goddd I love kittens
@lori, @Katy Lamothe wasn't totally sold on the prospect at first, but now, having seen him in person, she's all in.
it's hard to say no once they're in front of you lol, my brother adopted a dog without telling my mom years ago and she would have been upset if she knew ahead of time but once she saw her she couldn't say no
when I adopted Ynk I was at the shelter looking for an older, medium sized dog. She was 3 months and about the size of that kitten since she's such a small dog. They asked me if I wanted to hold her even if she wasn't what I was looking for and I said yes, I carried her around as I looked at the other dogs and ended up never putting her back, she stayed in my arms while I signed the papers

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