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yes but the rss reader needs to support the protocol I think
: no need because we have gmisub.


If you have a gemlog, you may even respect the gmisub spec without realizing it 😉
You could.

But #GeminiProtocol has its own syndication formats.


TinyLog — a Gemini micro-blogging format


Subscription — a Gemini blog feed format


I think both of these are more in the spirit of #Gemini 's design (that RSS or Atom).

As both of these formats (TinyLog & Subscription) are human-legible.

Where RSS & Atom are NOT human-legible.
It is. Here is mine:


There are many others.

(Well, it's an ATOM file, but whatever).
@Ángel Ortega I use the terms Atom and RSS interchangably... though they are technicaly different.

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