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So this whole # # experiment has been a smashing success. This will be the last post I boost from my legacy accounts, and I'll be checking them with less frequency. If you've not followed the new account, now would be a good time.

I want to extend a special thanks to opencube and fosstodon for giving me my first taste of the #.
I was thinking about standing up my own instance, but then I read about all of the DCMA requirements and risks, even with content federated to your instance from elsewhere -
@Taco ๐ŸŒฎโ€‹ I'm Canadian. The DMCA can't touch me, though we likely have similar laws.

To be honest though, I'm such a small node in a sea of much larger ones that I feel the risk is minimal.

I don't knowingly host infringing content, but it's essentially impossible to be sure.

Perhaps my hubris will bite me down the line. I suppose time will tell.
that's the part that got me, it doesn't even need to be content you post. It could be simply accessible from your instance via federation.

Even if you do nothing wrong and ultimately win in court, unless you meet all of the requirements to the letter it just takes one asshole rights holder to completely ruin your day.
@Jonathan Lamothe congrats, from a fellow Friendica self-hoster!

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