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I love to see news outlets and organizations move from Twitter to the Fediverse and join my instance for example

But I would recommend for such parties to setup their own dedicated instance for a few reasons

- Easier verification aside from the link in the description, if one uses a subdomain for examle (
- Manage the instance according to the orgs needs
- Easier for people to block whole news parts, because let's be honest. We all need a break sometimes

Just think about it 😉

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they'll figure it out. this is internet history on repeat. don't know how instances pick and choose but the ads will find a way

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@stux⚡ Plus, it's not really that hard to do. I'm running my server off of a laptop in a closet in my office (and using a cheap VPS as a glorified router). You don't need a massive data centre to run a small instance.
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Plus there are managed hosting providers that make it easier to have an instance, too.

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