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Can anyone recommend a #VNC server for #Windows? The one that keeps coming up is RealVNC, but it seems to force you to create an account and run everything through their servers. I don't want any of that garbage, especially since VNC is not an encrypted protocol, and could easily be eavesdropped upon and/or MitM'd.

This is to do remote tech support on my father's PC. I've already got him on my private VPN, so there's no need to worry about dynamic IP or NAT issues. I thought about Windows' native Remote Desktop software, but in Microsoft's infinite wisdom that's not available on his particular version of Windows.


I haven't used VNC for some years but have been using RustDesk more recently after TeamViewer decided that I am suspected of 'commercial use' by using that around once or twice a month!
I just use the rustdesk servers rather than setting up one of my own with my own usage needs.

I use TightVNC to manage my little fleet of kid's machines. Just a simple password to connect, and a separate password to administer the VNC server itself. My client is usually Remmina on Linux, but it's VNC so I'm sure you have lots of options there.

we use Tightvnc which is completely standalone.

You absolutely need to put a VPN in front of it though; don't just open it to the interwebs.

I'm not sure about windows. I use Spice to access the VM's on my servers.

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