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This is Friendica, version 2023.05 that is running at the web location The database version is 1518/1518, the post update version is 1507/1507.

Please visit to learn more about the Friendica project.

Bug reports and issues: please visit the bugtracker at github

Suggestions, praise, etc. - please email "info" at "friendi - dot - ca

Installed addons/apps:

catavatar, cookienotice, nitter, notifyall, nsfw, securemail, showmore_dyn, smiley_pack, smileybutton, unicode_smilies

Read about the Terms of Service of this node.

On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block hate speech
* transphobia transphobia right-wing nutjobbery porn of dubious legality hate speech racism/general hate speech racism, sexism, and general assholishness racism transphobia transphobia alt-right bullshit
* Just no.
* spam
* spam spam haven for hate speech hate speech hate speech hate speech homophobia transphobia racism, homophobia, etc. abusive conduct
* spam
* spam
* spam anti-semitism surveillance concerrns QAnon-sense illegal content anti-vax anti-vax anti-vax "free-speech zone" racism ableism anti-vax, anti-semitism anti-vax alt-right nutjobbery
freec* alt-right nutjobbery alt-right homophobic slur in ToS homophobia, transphobia covid conspiracy theories
* "free speech" zone anti-vax conspiracy racism invasion of privacy
* fairly obvious racist "free speech zone" homophobic slur in terms of service racism, anti-semitism lack of moderation
* troll farm just no anti-vax bullshit spam homophobic admin homophobic admin Meta
* Meta
* Meta
* Meta CSAM "free speech" zone promoting anti-vax conspiracy theories

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