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if you're disappointed by zelda not getting a sword in her new game might i suggest giving kitsune tails a look because we have a literal disaster sword lesbian in the main cast:
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demo was a lot of fun. Turns out I am not as "precise" anymore, so it was easy mode for me. Loved the CRT filter too.
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"Disaster sword lesbian" is an amazing combination of words, and you've convinced me to buy it.

I mean, I was already *going* to, but now moreso.

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There's a demo for those who want to try it out. BIG Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World vibes.

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Early trailers suggested a 2022 release date. What happened there?
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@gob the scope increased as it tends to do and also predicting how long stuff takes is hard. May also have had a few nervous breakdowns thrown in there for flavor
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ah so the regular bullshit then, nothing too nefarious. can't wait to get the full thing 😀
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@r0br0t we try to represent our fans pretty exactly. one of the people who streamed our demo was a purple haired vtuber named yuzu

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