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Made a custom #animated #GIF today with hand-drawn frames. I had a hell of a time stitching those frames together into an actual GIF file. I swear every modern tool for working with GIFs assumes you want to convert between GIF and some video format.

Managed to hack it together with GIMP, but the encoding is far from optimal (~1MB for a file with four unique frames).

There has to be a better way to do this.

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in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

Way back in the day, I used to use Jasc Animation Shop for animated pixel drawings. It looks like it might still work for Windows. I'm sure the #PixelArt gang might have good recs.

in reply to suchajazzyline

@suchajazzyline Interesting, I guess in a pinch, I could see if I could get it running in Wine.
in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

Hmm... Looking at the frames, each one is a ~400MB PNG... so maybe it's not as poorly encoded as I thought. It's probably because the resolution is so high.

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