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@ℹ️❀️πŸ–₯ aka Compy-chan This kinda reminds me of the rickroll animated gif where each frame was a valid QR code that pointed to the video in question. For the life of me I can't find the original gif, but I could find this one frame. The animated version was much more impressive.
QR code resembling Rick Astley from the Never Gonna Give You Up video

@Low Quality Facts Well, at least we know they'll make it to the 22nd century.
Captain Archer holding Porthos (a beagle)

Well, I'm definitely no longer having issues getting my #sourdough starter to rise. I have invested in a larger jar into which I will transfer it on the next feeding.
photo of a glass jar of sourdough starter significantly overflowing the jar

Started a fresh batch with some of the feedback I got. This is roughly 10 hours after the first feeding. This is similar to the result I got on previous attempts, except that it nearly wouldn't rise at all on subsequent feedings.

The recipe called for the second feeding to be 24 hours after the first, and then every 12 hours thereafter.

I'm going to try at the 12 hour mark though, since I think the problem was that it had starved by the 24h mark. I'm also using bread flour this time instead of all purpose. I started with whole wheat, because it's what I had on hand, and my wife might murder me if I tell her I need to get yet another variety of flour. πŸ™ƒ

Is this common for a first feeding? My apartment tends to be quite warm, FWIW.

photo of a glass jar nearly overflowing with rising sourdough starter; the jar has a hinged lid which is closed but not latched, and covered with plastic wrap

Are you familiar with this variety of oolong?
Glass jar of oolong tea labeled: Ti Kyan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy Historic Oolong

@Becky Friendica does it like this: [img=]image description goes here[/img]

What's that?
photo of David Tennant as the Doctor
Then again, I guess you did say movies...

How I feel when I defederate an instance:
photo of a person attempting to extinguish a massive inferno with a small bucket of water

Why does every job description I look at lately look like this?
screnshot of job description; full transcription will follow

@Jonathan (he/him) I have to admit, this confused me for a minute.
a screenshot of the preceding post with a notice that it had been reshared by "Jonathan (he/him)"

This looks slightly beefier than what I'm hosting my node from:
photo of a laptop

Content warning: From Twitter

When we adopted @Benny, the Humane Society game us a voucher for a free month's worth of his food. This order was cancelled and re-ordered twice (for a total of three orders) due to an "ordering error". This arrived today. Guess we're good for three months now.
photo of three parcels at our front door

@Benny has decided that @Katy Lamothe's hair elastics are toys, and that they belong in his water dish.
photo of two curly hair elastics in a small water dish

This is what happens when you make coasters out of leather and then they get wet. You literally had one job.
photo of a leather coaster that is peeling apart at the edge

Just got to meet the potential newest addition to our family today. Fediverse, I want to introduce you to Benny. If all goes well, we'll be taking him home tomorrow.

I had to take the photo from behind a glass pane. It doesn't do him justice.
photo of Benny, a nearly three month old short-haired grey/brown/white kitten

Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps

Having learned from out last crock pot meals, we tweaked this recipe a little bit as we went. These were delicious, but a little messy. Entirely worth it, though.
Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps

Stuffed Peppers

These ones were a little more involved, but not that much, and mostly on the prep side. As with a lot of these crock pot meals, it could've done with a bit more seasoning, but only very slightly. One of the better ones so far.
Stuffed Peppers

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