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Haven't driven out this way in a while. When did this monstrosity arrive?
(taken from the passenger seat)

No, you spent the past several hours figuring out how to make custom Animal Crossing outfits... NERD!

How two introverts celebrate New Year's Eve.

Apparently, querying YouTube's RSS feed (that they admittedly don't advertise, but do provide) is a violation of their Terms of Service?

This is how my day's going. How's yours?

Why would they lie? What do they have to gain?

I've been involved in the W3C since 2019 where I've been working on privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), and their application to advertising.


Is this a thing, or have I encountered a new gender in the wild?

Looking good, but I feel like we can still do better...

I think increasing the fermentation time was the right call.

For reference, this is what a previous loaf looked like:


@smellsofbikes I've got a MicroSD card that has adaptors to turn it into either a full-sized SD card, or a USB drive.

This weirdly reminds me of this scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This was the best photo I could find.

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