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There is a concept that some of you might find helpful - "subjective units of distress".

Many years ago, I was struggling badly with my life, going through one mental breakdown after another. I asked my psychiatrist: "How can I live my life if my anxiety goes from 0 to 60 in the matter of seconds?". The psychiatrist said: "But Nina, no one, including you, goes from 0 to 60 instantly. It just feels this way."

So, he explained, human brain is silly and usually cannot tell the difference between not being distressed (SUDS 1) and quite distressed (SUDS 7). As long as we keep functioning, our internal brain state and suffering in it seems to be almost invisible for us.

If I am at SUDS 2, and accidentally spill morning coffee on my blouse, it will probably raise my distress to SUDS 4 or 5, but I will change to a new blouse and go to work.

If I am at SUDS 7 after a doctor's call, and spill coffee on myself, I'll go from being calm to a sobbing mess faster than you can say "therapy".

Keep track of your SUDS!

Subjective units of distress chart

10 - skills breakdown
9 - extreme distress, intolerable
8 - very distressed, trouble functioning
7 - quite distressed, starting to lose focus
6 - moderate to strong
5 - moderate, uncomfortable
4 - mild to moderate
3 - mild distress, able to focus
2 - slightly distressed, sad or anxious
1 - no distress
0 - at peace

on the right there's Distress Tolerance skill chain:
STOP TIPP - ACCEPTS - self-soothing - IMPROVE - Pros and Cons - Radical acceptance

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I used to use my own 1-10 scale similar to that. Their 10 is my 9 and my 10 is a panic attack
I think I pretty much exist in the 6-8 range. 😵‍💫

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I think a lot about how I have to do annual training about not sticking my hand down a co-worker's pants or trying to bribe the cops and how that's because people who earn way more money than me did those things and were shielded by their organisation "increasing training and awareness" and the conclusion is I have to swear annually I won't do something I would never actually do, and people who do those things continue apace.

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Obviously the solution to lecherous executives asking their subordinates what their favourite sex position is, is for me to watch an unskippable video about the revelation that you shouldn't do that.

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I remember working for government - there'd be some revelation that a deputy minister took a week long golf vacation paid by a vendor which then was awarded some big contract. Then the directive would come down from on high that we couldn't let a vendor buy us a cup of coffee.
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I still maintain that the at protocol means that bluesky should be included in the definition of "the fediverse". I know it will take people some time to come around on that. And certainly bsky still has some promises to deliver on. But the actual fediverse will be so much messier than what people have in their heads right now. The lines will all be blurry and gray. By design.

Let me find a way to critique without being acerbic. I don't like how people popup to tell me they disagree about how to define the fediverse. But that's not important

What I do think is important is how hard people work to gatekeep and squeeze down the actual promise and potential of the fediverse. It's exactly the kind of pedantic myopia that reminds us that the nerds will not lead us to the future we want. That's not what they do.

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What bothers me more is how much of nerd culture is not self-aware about how much their ethos is about policing. Keeping people out or forcing them to conform. Many of these folks fancy themselves as anti-establishment. But the energy is constantly doing cop shit. They just wanna *be* the establishment.

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So, $music_streaming_service has been playing me a lot of LE SSERAFIM lately for some reason, and I have to say, I'm not mad about it.

You know what feature I find conspicuously absent from the #LambdaMOO programming language?


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Just spent an embarrassingly long time trying to track down a bug in my #LambdaMOO code. Turns out it was the generic function I'd built for folding over a list of values. It was such a stupidly simple function, it hadn't even occurred to me that the problem could be there.
Wow! That's like the olden days.

@glyn It's actually pretty surprising what you can get done in a text-based "VR" with only a few KB.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. I started programming when cassette tapes were the storage medium of choice. I'm just impressed that something like this is still around.


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I love to see news outlets and organizations move from Twitter to the Fediverse and join my instance for example

But I would recommend for such parties to setup their own dedicated instance for a few reasons

- Easier verification aside from the link in the description, if one uses a subdomain for examle (
- Manage the instance according to the orgs needs
- Easier for people to block whole news parts, because let's be honest. We all need a break sometimes

Just think about it 😉

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@stux⚡ Plus, it's not really that hard to do. I'm running my server off of a laptop in a closet in my office (and using a cheap VPS as a glorified router). You don't need a massive data centre to run a small instance.
Plus there are managed hosting providers that make it easier to have an instance, too.

Content warning: politics

Content warning: ph, mention of blood, math/chemistry (possibly incorrect)

Content warning: ph, mention of blood, math/chemistry (possibly incorrect)

Content warning: ph, mention of blood, math/chemistry (possibly incorrect)

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Content warning: ph, mention of blood, math/chemistry (possibly incorrect)

Content warning: ph, mention of blood, math/chemistry (possibly incorrect)

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New type of Computer Person invented: pronounces vi as six

How did Deseret Book get Katy's email address? And of course, the unsubscribe link 404s.

I haven't been paying attention. Why is #CDCSays trending?
Follow the hashtag and read them. That’ll clear it up pretty quick. Advice: don’t be drinking anything while you do. Although, laughing and crying simultaneously is possible.

Seems to have been inspired by this:

Reporting in the Washington Post that the CDC says one day of isolation is enough for COVID cases.

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Haven't driven out this way in a while. When did this monstrosity arrive?
(taken from the passenger seat)
photo taken from the highway of a new Amazon fulfillment centre

While Katy and I were out today, we overheard some guy talking about his men's networking group. One of the things he said was that they wanted diversity. All I could think was: "if you want diversity, why is it a men's networking group?"

Good music and noise canceling headphones: the only way to survive a Costco run with one's sanity intact.

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I'm working on building a sushi bar in #LambdaMOO. Katy and I had the following conversation regarding the waitress I'm currently programming:

Katy: I'm surprised you didn't make her a robot.
Me: I thought about it, but a lot of the other shops are basically run by vending machines. I wanted to give mine a more human touch... though, right now she crashes when anyone talks to her. Humans don't do that.
Katy: Well, some do.
Me: Okay, fair point.

Besides, everyone knows it's noodle bars that robots gravitate towards owning, sushi bars are always weird old guys.
*looks in the mirror*
Story checks out, I guess.

Sitting in a waiting room in a medical imaging place and they have an ad for their app to get your results on a mobile device. Among other things, it reads:
"Permanently store them with bank level encryption" (emphasis theirs)

In my experience, if banks are their gold standard of #infosec, I really don't want my medical data anywhere near this system. Just sayin'.

I would agree. Banks are not good at security in my own experience.

No, you spent the past several hours figuring out how to make custom Animal Crossing outfits... NERD!
photo of my Animal Crossing avatar modeling a Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan-era uniform

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In case anyone should happen to want the jacket: MO-80P7-JWXQ-0LLR
#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #StarTrek #TWOK
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How two introverts celebrate New Year's Eve.
Photo of Jon & Katy's avatars in Animal Crossing sitting in a cafe drinking coffee.  Jon is wearing a tux and Katy a black dress with white belt.  Both are wearing New Year's party hats; Jon's is purple and Katy's is red.

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Today I learned that GNU means GNU is not Ubuntu. The more you know :blobwizard:

I don't understand it but I guess it makes sense because GNU is not Linux and Ubuntu is

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Ubuntu, GNU , still neither POSIX compliant.

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#lambdaMOO #lifestyle #show #bilingual #chinese #english #MOO #MUD #VR
1400UTC Fri
Okay in about 5 hours a half hour episode (still) of #ZhenHouseZhenBonkwave will air, #Bonkwave a la @keefmarshall . I am planning to be in the explored location at that time, and phase of the moon willing, UNK will be in @SDF commode chat.

I will add it to the emergency archive location when I have a chance on the 24th (aka the 23rd).

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@screwtape I know I'm late with my boost on this, but it's an ongoing show, and seems like a cool idea.

Created my first generic class (two of them, actually) in #LambdaMOO. They allow people to create portable rooms in-game. I'm using them to create a #DoctorWho parody.

So, it looks like #LamndaMOO requires me to have special permissions to program it, which I suppose makes sense, but is also a little disappointing. Still, there seem to be some general-purpose classes that I can extend without actually programming. Guess I'll see what I can do with those.

Dunno but your character was created last night! Enjoy!
@Judy Anderson I saw that. Just logged in for my first time as a non-guest.

Should I dive down the rabbit hole of learning #Godot while I already have so many other projects on the go? Probably not.

Am I? Of course.

Animal Crossing: because putting a lighthouse in your pocket totally makes sense.