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TIL that #LambdaMOO doesn't recognize && as having a higher operator precedence than ||. That led to a fun little bug.

What started as a seemingly simple request (adding sake to the menu at my #LambdaMOO sushi bar) has snowballed into me writing a whole drunkenness subsystem.
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Still tweaking the parameters a little. The way it was, one glass of sake could get you pretty obnoxiously drunk for a good period of time. I toned it down a bit to something slightly more realistic.

You know what feature I find conspicuously absent from the #LambdaMOO programming language?


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Just spent an embarrassingly long time trying to track down a bug in my #LambdaMOO code. Turns out it was the generic function I'd built for folding over a list of values. It was such a stupidly simple function, it hadn't even occurred to me that the problem could be there.
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@glyn It's actually pretty surprising what you can get done in a text-based "VR" with only a few KB.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. I started programming when cassette tapes were the storage medium of choice. I'm just impressed that something like this is still around.


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I'm working on building a sushi bar in #LambdaMOO. Katy and I had the following conversation regarding the waitress I'm currently programming:

Katy: I'm surprised you didn't make her a robot.
Me: I thought about it, but a lot of the other shops are basically run by vending machines. I wanted to give mine a more human touch... though, right now she crashes when anyone talks to her. Humans don't do that.
Katy: Well, some do.
Me: Okay, fair point.

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Besides, everyone knows it's noodle bars that robots gravitate towards owning, sushi bars are always weird old guys.

Created my first generic class (two of them, actually) in #LambdaMOO. They allow people to create portable rooms in-game. I'm using them to create a #DoctorWho parody.

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