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This is extremely frustrating.

I host a piece of software on my server for my father. He connects to it via #SSH (using #PuTTY ). He just got a new computer, and wanted me to set it up so that he could connect, just like I did with his previous computer. No problem right?

I show up, generate the key, and authorize it on the server, but for whatever reason PuTTY refuses to acknowledge the existence of this key. I know it's not even trying, because it doesn't even ask for the passphrase to decrypt it.

Has something changed in the latest version of PuTTY that I just don't know about? Do I need to do something the enable public key authentication beyond simply specifying the path to the key?


Oh Glad you figured it out. Your initial thoughts and frustrations seems pretty normal. What won the day was your persistent to search several paths -- run PuTTY via Wine -- goodness. Hope your dad was pleased. Cheers, -Randy

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