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More musings on #Rust:

I wonder if it would be possible to write an #SNES #ROM in Rust. It seems like exactly the kind of resource-constrained system that would be a prime candidate for that sort of thing. Unfortunately, it seems that the SNES used a custom processor, so it's very possible that I won't be able to specify it as a compile target. A quick search reveals that many people have made SNES emulators in Rust, but at a glace, I see nothing about writing ROMS.

I believe the original NES used an off-the-shelf processor (6502 if memory serves?). Perhaps that's more likely to be supported, but that may be a little too resource constrained.

I shall have to dig deeper into this idea. I love the idea of building a custom ROM rather than just pirating something off the internet.

Has anyone done anything like this? Links to any relevant resources would be very much appreciated.

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Looks like the SNES used a Ricoh 5A22, which apparently was based on the 6502? Perhaps this is possible after all... though I don't want to speak too soon.
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The SNES CPU is based on the WDC 65C816, which is indeed able to run 6502 code but it also has 16-bit mode instructions with much larger memory address space.

I think the only general purpose computer to use this CPU was the Apple IIGS, so maybe look around to see if there's any Rust port to Apple IIGS.

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this folks have ported llvm to MOS6502:

You can try to link rustc to that fork and add a new rustc target.

It will be a very long journey, but it is possible.

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