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For some reason, no matter what I do, #NextCloud Talk will not push notifications to my #Samsung Galaxy Note9.

It works just fine on @Katy Lamothe's iPhone.

Trying to replace #Samsung Calendar on my phone with #SimpleCalendar. It's so tied into the system that not only will it not let me uninstall it, but it won't even let me disable it.

I revoked its access to calendar and contacts (despite protests from the OS) and cleared the app's data, but permissions keep getting restored against my will. I can't even revoke its notification permissions.

Wasn't #Microsoft slapped with an #AntiTrust suit in the 90s for less than this?
I've had zero success getting #Samsung Calendar or #SimpleCalendar to interface with my #Baikal #CalDAV server. I suspect Samsung has engineered its phone to be #DAV-incompatible using any app.
@Lorraine Lee Both seem to interface with my NextCloud CalDAV server without issue. I'm just irritated by the double notifications for each event.
I keep thinking of running LineageOS or something, but am also afraid of bricking my phone or just making it run much worse if i switch away from Samsung's Android

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