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I knew I had an old #Arduino Uno kicking around. I just found it.

"I wonder which revision number it is?"

It does not seem to have a revision number. I guess it's that old.

I used to have a Duemillinove, but I burnt it out when I made a mistake designing my 0-10V shield.

I haven't thought about the difference in the revs in a long time. Rev 3 is like a decade old now.

This page should help identify it:

It gets more difficult if you have a clone.

@Justin To #НетВойне Thanks for the reference. I'll have go check when I get a chance, bit it's entirely plausible it's an original Uno. I seem to recall them touting the Uno as the new hotness when I bought it. It's been sitting on a shelf for a long time.
the difference between the revs are pretty minor and you likely can ignore it. I also bought one when they were hot and it felt like a major upgrade from my Duemilanove, but everything changes so quickly. I hope you have some fun with your Uno!
@Justin To #НетВойне Finally got around to digging it out again. It's definitely an OG Uno... which is kinda cool.
I'm sure you'll have some fun with it!

So, DIN rail mountable Arduinos are a thing now.

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