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I knew I had an old #Arduino Uno kicking around. I just found it.

"I wonder which revision number it is?"

It does not seem to have a revision number. I guess it's that old.

I used to have a Duemillinove, but I burnt it out when I made a mistake designing my 0-10V shield.

in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

I haven't thought about the difference in the revs in a long time. Rev 3 is like a decade old now.

This page should help identify it:

It gets more difficult if you have a clone.

in reply to Justin To #НетВойне

@Justin To #НетВойне Thanks for the reference. I'll have go check when I get a chance, bit it's entirely plausible it's an original Uno. I seem to recall them touting the Uno as the new hotness when I bought it. It's been sitting on a shelf for a long time.
in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

the difference between the revs are pretty minor and you likely can ignore it. I also bought one when they were hot and it felt like a major upgrade from my Duemilanove, but everything changes so quickly. I hope you have some fun with your Uno!

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