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Content warning: cults, self promotion-ish

As a JW I would just shake my head in bewilderment. How can anyone believe in Mormonism? Large sections of the KJV copied in the BOM? Doesn't this make for obvious flaws? Thus many of my initial posts to a.r.m were pretty aggressive and dismissive towards the LDS faith. At the same time the high-school teacher who taught computer science helped me a great deal and he was a sincere Mormon. Eventually I came to the JW, LDS and many other faiths are not so much about foundational text as they are about the living culture presented by trusted leaders.

Looked at from that perspective JW leadership tends to direct isolation rather than any integration. JWs appear to have a much lower tolerance for dissent.

Cheers, -Randy
JWs appear to have a much lower tolerance for dissent.

Absolutely. I mean, asking too many questions too publicly will get you excommunicated from the LDS church, but at least when that happens it's handled privately.* They don't publicly announce it and shun the individual.

* People do notice when disciplinary action happens, because it's rather visible. They're not supposed to judge, but it happens all the time.

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Content warning: religion/cults

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Content warning: religion/cults

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