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God help me, I've started to like using #ed.

Is it the most efficient way to edit text files? No.

Is it weirdly fun to figure out how to manipulate it into doing what I want?

Kind of.

in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

I am an old guy that used TECO — that was weird fun too as I remember. Very powerful but totally obtuse.
in reply to Brian Sullivan

@Brian Sullivan I should look into TECO as well. I have an account on SDF's TOPS-20 system that I like to play around with from time to time.
in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

One of the guys I worked with in the early 70s wrote an entire text star wars game in a TECO macro.
in reply to Jonathan Lamothe

Like vi/vim then, although their aficionados would never admit it.

It turns out that #ed is a surprisingly good editor for working with #markdown formatted files (especially notes). Hint: g/^#/n will give you a nice table of contents.

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