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Does there exist a #FOSS tool that allows me to analyze the dominant frequencies in a portion of an #audio file and to apply a filter to remove all but a specific frequency? #AskFedi

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Depending on how automated you want this to be, sox may be useful - it can certainly do the filtering, and can at least generate a spectrogram from which you can decide where to filter.

Csound can do this sort of thing more capably but using it will involve coding to define exactly what you mean.

@Matthew Skala It doesn't need to be super automated. Doing things manually is fine.
@Matthew Skala The application here, FWIW, is to extract Morse code from an audio file, because I'm not good at Morse code, and can decode it more easily visually than by sound. is pretty powerful and might do the job.
Sonic Visualizer screenshot.

I'm getting back into designing #PCBs for fun again. Previously, I had been using #geda, but #KiCad appears to be the #FOSS tool all the cool kids are using so I guess it's time to learn that.

Much like the feeling of moving from a corporate monopoly platform to a self-hosted open-source one.
This is especially nice when you find the replacement on #fdroid

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Does anyone know if there is a decent #FOSS solution to editing #LibreOffice documents (particularly spreadsheets) on an #Android device? Bonus points if it works nicely with #NextCloud. I've come across collabora, but it seems proprietary.
Collabora Office is #FOSS as far as I know. The option I prefer to edit 'productivity' files (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) is #OnlyOffice which integrates nicely with #NextCloud. It can be configured to read and write Open Document Formats (e.g. ODT, ODS, ODP, etc.) but it's very good at reading/writing MSFT's shitty OOXML formats, too, which is sometimes advantageous.It's not hard to run your own (there're lots of good tutorials on setting it up).
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it takes a while to load documents via the NextCloud app but there's also an Android standalone OnlyOffice app (I believe it's #FOSS that only seems available via Google Play, not F-Droid (sadly).
@lightweight AND: You can now edit these files with the local applications! Nextcloud locks them, downloads them, and when you close the editor, the file is reuploaded and unlocked.
@lightweight Yes!
Follow-up question: is there an iPhone solution for this? It's all for naught if I can't get @Katy Lamothe on board.

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Looks like my #epub reader of choice for #Android (Libera Reader) has a known #security vulnerability and F-Droid recommended uninstalling it. Can anynoe recommend a good replacement #FOSS epub/pdf reader?

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Would you be able to share the details about it? I like Libera Reader and haven't headed about the bug (yet)

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