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Just pushed two pull requests to #Friendica. I love that #FOSS gives me that option rather than just begging the vendor to fix something.

Does there exist a #FOSS tool that allows me to analyze the dominant frequencies in a portion of an #audio file and to apply a filter to remove all but a specific frequency? #AskFedi

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Depending on how automated you want this to be, sox may be useful - it can certainly do the filtering, and can at least generate a spectrogram from which you can decide where to filter.

Csound can do this sort of thing more capably but using it will involve coding to define exactly what you mean.

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@Matthew Skala The application here, FWIW, is to extract Morse code from an audio file, because I'm not good at Morse code, and can decode it more easily visually than by sound.
in reply to Jonathan Lamothe is pretty powerful and might do the job.

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