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There is gemget πŸ‘
curl already supports many protocols (not just HTTP/HTTPS), including Gopher. There's no reason I can see that it shouldn't support Gemini in the future.

According to @A6BDBF57_57B731E9, it already supports Minus too because all Minus URLs can be translated into Gopher URLs. (Minus is Gopher stripped down to the minimum, but with hyperlinks and some Markdown-style formatting.)

Content warning: code review request

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Content warning: code review request

Been poking at my #Haskell #Gemini framework. This issue caused me to shelve it a while back. It's not the end of the world if I don't get it resolved, though.

If anyone has any ideas, pull suggestions and pull requests are welcome.

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I suspect the problem may have been an issue with the upstream tls library. I've updated it to a more current version. I've also made some changes to make my original solution less hacky. When I get a chance to test it properly, I'll put in a PR (assuming it works).

One of the things I like about #Gemini is that it seems to make accessibly via screen reader fairly trivial.

Then I see people putting ASCII art banners at the top of their capsule, which gives me a nice dose of nostalgia, but I can't help but wonder what that does to screen readers.

Does anyone who has actual experience with this care to chime in?
Gemini specification allows for alt text for preformatted lines. Reading this can be a good option for screen readers. One thing hurting accessibility is that that alt text is optional. From the spec:

"Alt text is recommended for ASCII art or similar non-textual content which, for example, cannot be meaningfully understood when rendered through a screen reader or usefully indexed by a search engine."

@Antolius Ah yes. I actually read the spec, but forgot about that part. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

I think that alt-text for the pre-formatted block was a later addition to gemtext.

I.e., it wasn't part of the original gemtext specification.
@reiver Could be. Then again, the spec is still not finalized.

Admittedly these days it's more about the fine print, so it's not realistic to expect changes like making alt text mandatory. Would be interesting to see some statistics on its usage, though. πŸ€”
I do know that you can, in the forward ```'s to ASCII art put a description for both mouseover and readers. I do not know what the actual text renders as but i expect it s a mess that you have to skip through.

I'm fortunate in having vision enough to see well enough to read with only slight text enlargement, but I've known a fair number of folk who would need either braille displays or screen readers. So, good question

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