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Justin To #НетВойне reshared this.

If you're in the Waterloo Region, this seems like a cool thing to check out.
#KWAwesome #WRAwesome

Does anyone in the #KWAwesome area happen to have a multimeter I could borrow for an hour or so at some point?
I have a cheap import one, but it works. Happy to lend it.
@Eric Gerlach Thanks! As long as it can test a dry contact and test a 120VAC circuit it'll do the job. I guess we can coordinate the details by email or somesuch?
@Eric Gerlach BTW, are you still a kwartzlab member? I live basically walking distance from the lab, so that could possibly make a good meet-up place the next time you're there.
I'm not a member any longer, but I've been wanting to get back out to the lab for a while. Are you still a member?
@Eric Gerlach Sadly no, though I am hoping to return at some point.
I'm in uptown if that's convenient for you

Susan ✶✶✶✶ reshared this.

Just had dinner at a tiny hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant that I've driven past a million times, but never thought to actually try out. I wish I'd done this years ago. I'll definitely be back.

If you're in Waterloo region, they're definitely worth checking out.
#KWAwesome #WRAwesome

Bob Jonkman reshared this.

I love that I'm finding more and more local people here.

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