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I've been doing some #writing that may or may not ever see the light of day, purely for my own enrichment. The process has been interesting. Because I want to focus on the content itself, I decided to just use #Markdown files in a #git repository.

It seems a good workflow, but the commit messages are awkward.
Markdown + git works really well for me as a system, too. I will admit I don't always put a lot of thought into my commit messages though, haha. Sometimes they go along the lines of "completed this HORRIBLE CHAPTER" or even just "the two scenes I wrote this morning"... 😬
Hahah, yeah. I have a lot of commits that say "minor edits" πŸ˜†
@Aires I laugh at people who don’t use plain text. But I laugh sadly.

The great thing about #markdown is you can just start using it in email today! Even if no clients ever render it...
@Jim Ramsay Yeah, the emails I get from the FSF use it. It'd be nice if my mail client knew how to interpret it though. Fortunately, it's not the unreadable mess that HTML mail usually is.

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