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For some reason, no matter what I do, #NextCloud Talk will not push notifications to my #Samsung Galaxy Note9.

It works just fine on @Katy Lamothe's iPhone.

I've switched to a #NextCloud calendar. I have a shared calendar with @Katy Lamothe, who's still using #GoogleCalendar, and while I can subscribe to the NextCloud calendar from her Google account, it's not syncing when I add or modify appointments. The problem is definitely between Google and NextCloud as her web calendar isn't updating either.

Everything I search trying to fix it has to do with Google-hosted calendars not syncing with third-party apps. It annoys me that the assumption is that I'd not want to use anything other than Google Calendar.

Side note: the NextCloud calendar syncs perfectly with her Apple Calendar, but she doesn't like it.

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Does anyone know if there is a decent #FOSS solution to editing #LibreOffice documents (particularly spreadsheets) on an #Android device? Bonus points if it works nicely with #NextCloud. I've come across collabora, but it seems proprietary.
Collabora Office is #FOSS as far as I know. The option I prefer to edit 'productivity' files (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) is #OnlyOffice which integrates nicely with #NextCloud. It can be configured to read and write Open Document Formats (e.g. ODT, ODS, ODP, etc.) but it's very good at reading/writing MSFT's shitty OOXML formats, too, which is sometimes advantageous.It's not hard to run your own (there're lots of good tutorials on setting it up).
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it takes a while to load documents via the NextCloud app but there's also an Android standalone OnlyOffice app (I believe it's #FOSS that only seems available via Google Play, not F-Droid (sadly).
@lightweight AND: You can now edit these files with the local applications! Nextcloud locks them, downloads them, and when you close the editor, the file is reuploaded and unlocked.
@lightweight Yes!
Follow-up question: is there an iPhone solution for this? It's all for naught if I can't get @Katy Lamothe on board.

Hooray! I finally got a #NextCloud instance up and running. I don't know why my first attempt was met with such difficulty.
Are you doing this on your home server or have you bought a VDS server?
I'm also wondering... I want to create my own secure services.
@alt I run it off a machine at home, which is connected to a remote VPS via wireguard and reverse proxied through nginx.
I understand mostly Russian.
I saw something similar on YouTube in Russian.
But in general there is very little information of this kind in Russian, in my opinion.
Thank you for sharing the information.

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