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#Git on #Plan9 is borken in weird ways.

Want to rebase branch A on top of branch B? No you don't. You want to change A to match B and drop all other commits.

Want to merge A into B but there's a conflict? Let's just arbitrarily take the line from A and ignore the one from B. That's what you wanted, right?

@pixx There's also the rebase issue where it seems to just drop the commits in the branch being merged and moves the head to the base branch.

Again, I don't know if this is just a problem on whaever version of the software SDF is using.

@pixx I don't recognize the @{...} syntax. What's happening there?

I have a complaint about #Plan9 #C.

I don't like that a literal 0 is accepted as a null pointer. I just spent an embarrassingly long time tracking down a segfault because in an attempt to zero out a buffer, I accidentally used memcpy(&buf, 0, sizeof(buf)) instead of memset(&buf, 0, sizeof(buf)).

The compiler should've been able to catch this.

#c #plan9
@moody then I suppose my complaint is with C itself. ;)
There is a reason why go removed all implicit casts.

Been writing a little extension for acme mail in #Plan9. It's been a while since I've touched C though.

I, being me, am making it harder on myself by going full #TDD on this project.

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Any #Plan9 gurus on the fedi?

I've managed to break my profile causing me to be unable to connect to my account. It disconnects me upon running the profile script. drawterm -c is not an option because it executes the profile disconnecting me before even running the command. drawterm -G's a no-go as well.

Is there a way I can mount my remote home directory into my local (Debian 12) filesystem so that I can fix the profile without running rcpu?


Content warning: scary compiler error

You need at least openssl1.1 this seems like you only have 1.0 which has not been supported for 3 years and counting.
@m00dy if you can bring up a plan9 instance in qemu (or other vm) you can import your fs (see 9fs).
@moody That's surprising. Stuff in Debian's repositories is often out of date, but not usually that out of date.
Yeah, something does seem a bit fishy, sorry that it doesn't work out for you. I'll get a debian VM going in a bit and figure out whats up. In terms of booting a 9front VM, you should be able to use the live CD for connecting, you don't need to do a full install first. For what that's worth.

@moody Such is the nature of compiling C code. I really wish it had some sort of automatic dependency management, but what can you expect from a language that old?

When the bootcamp is over, I actually want to get into writing software for Plan9, because despite being very C-centric, it seems a nice system to develop for.

Edit: autocorrupt

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I figured out the issue, it was somehow related to the ordering of passing the -l flags to cc (ugh!), if you pull the latest code from it should build fine on debian stable now. You will need both libssl-dev and pkg-config. I've added debian to the CI builds for this now so this shouldn't slip by again without me noticing. Thanks for the bug report.

Plan 9 C thankfully has none of this insanity, as you've noticed.

@moody So I ran:
./tlsclient -u jlamothe -h -a -p 17019 rm /usr/jlamothe/lib/profile
...but my profile still seems to exist. It's giving me the same error about line 7 when I connect using drawterm.
You need -R to make tlslcient act like rcpu, by default it works closer to tlsclient on 9front. If you choose to just remove the file don't forget to re-run /sys/lib/newuser to generate a new default.

Cool, so now you can do something like:

tlsclient -R -h -a rc -i

Then edit profile with either ed or sam -d.

@moody oh my god, I have a prompt!

Thank you!!

Edit: I was clearly too happy here to be bothered with proper spelling.

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I'm beginning to understand the appeal of #Plan9.
Been going through the SDF Boot Camp?

@dpflug I am.

I started the one last year, but for some reason got stuck on the first challenge. This time it just worked. I don't know what was different.

It's been kind of a wild ride so far. There will likely be a blog post in the coming days.

I've discovered a downside to #Plan9. When my ISP is having issues and my connection gets sketchy, SSH still just kinda works, but with Plan9's drawterm being graphical, a bad connection makes it basically unusable.

Hopefully Rogers gets their shit together by tomorrow.

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