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Greetings Fellow Apostates

Because of the nature of the fediverse, posts that were made prior to my subscribing here haven't federated to my instance but I wanted to say hi. I'm really happy to see this comminity starting to migrate here. I was /u/jlamothe on #Reddit. #ExMormon #LDS
Welcome! Really excited to have you here and even more excited to see our community start to rebuild!
By chance, does anyone know if the subreddit was set to private? I’m curious but don’t want to go check lol
@brownbreadboy I don't know. I abandoned Reddit a few months ago. It turns out there's already a growing exmo community here in the fedi.

Looks like is now starting to fall over under this wave of #Reddit migrants as well.
It seems I stand corrected. Looks like the problem was my ISP's DNS... again.

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/kbin Listings

!Ex-Mormon Forum
With all the nonsense going on at #Reddit lately, I figured it was worth getting this group listed in some popular /kbin directories. It is not my goal to replace r/exmormon; my poor server would definitely fall over under a fraction of that load, but hopefully it can serve some role in helping fellow exmos to connect in the fediverse. I'll make an effort to populate this group with some relevant content over the next few days.

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Hey Haskellers

!Haskell Users Group (unofficial)
With the nonsense going on over at #Reddit, I've created an unofficial replacement for r/Haskell in the fediverse in the abscence of an official one. It should be fully compatible with kbin. Please feel free to post anything relevant to the Haskell language here.
#haskell #programming

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