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Okay, I'll admit it. Using #Haskell to talk to an #SQL database is not my favourite thing.

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@Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. It's not so much the SQL part that's the irritating bit. It's that it doesn't really mesh super well with "the Haskell way of doing things".
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@BoydStephenSmithJr understandable. There's always a tension between "pleasant for the Haskeller" and "pleasant for the DBA" (or general SQL knower). We have the same problem at work (we sacrificed our DBA and used and its eDSL)

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Okay, sqlitebrowser (from the #Debian repositories) is actually a pretty decent tool. It provides a nice point-and-click interface that makes working with #sqlite3 databases a little bit nicer. Knowledge of how to write an #SQL query is still a requirement, but it makes creating/editing tables more convenient. Maybe it's well known, but I just discovered it yesterday.

Edit: sqlite browser, not mysqlbrowser

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