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More people should swing a baseball bat in their house blindfolded
Ad for a virtual reality batting practice tool, it's a big full sized baseball bat with a thing attached to it and the person is wearing a VR headset

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this is the modern evolution of the useless plastic wiimote shells

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To every person who's publicly and proudly transgender, queer, gay, lesbian, ace, poly, pan, bi, black, indigenous, a person of color, disabled, neurodivergent, plural, autistic, ADHD, etc:

Thank You

Visibility matters. Simply being yourself can impact the lives of others in ways you cannot even fathom. I would not have found myself if not for people like you :heart_pride:

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looks like a cool base for more first order logic terms ( predicate calculus or quantificational logic) 😏😉

I'm not much of a Starbucks person. I find they lean too hard on sugar to make their drinks palatable, which isn't great if you're diabetic.

That said, #today our niece (a Starbucks connoisseur) introduced us to matcha. I think I finally have a go-to drink when Katy wants to go there.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that their matcha mix contains sugar. 🙁

Just to make you aware, their Matcha mix contains sugar:

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Just to make you aware, their Matcha mix contains sugar:

@Susan ✶✶✶✶ Disappointing, but good to know. Thanks for the heads-up.

Communication is manipulation.

Seriously. In the literal sense. You make a physical event occur, particles collide, electrical and chemical signals result, and no matter what, it acts as new training data.

I am immune! That's what THEY want me to believe!

Content warning: old man rant

You have to give! Not to get back. 😉🙄😁

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I’m thinking of some type of ActivityPub Etsy, that isn’t its own ActivityPub service, but aggregates stores from opt-in ActivityPub users via hashtags.

This isn’t fully thought out, and I’m just the idea guy (and my mom is in the hospital, so I just wanted to put it out there before I forget it). So here goes.

#Fedi #ActivityPub


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ESTY has rss feed capabilities which means any ESTY store's RSS feed could be populated by a rss to mastodon bot, which there are many already.

Someone would need to curate what stores and or products are posted via the ESTY rss feed and do so unlisted.

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@paul It seems like that could be paired with hashtags to give the store owner control over what gets posted where, when.

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Content warning: cdnpoli: Saskatchewan

How unfortunate! I was born in Saskatchewan, but we left there when I was 10 months old. The sadly ironic thing is lack of trust such laws engender for children and their parents. If a 15 year old with a healthy relationship with their parent informs or asks for a pronoun change why would we (i.e. the government) want to step in? If the relationship is unhealthy it is not likely a law will remedy the situation.

And ultimately it is very likely the issue is one of some adults being uncomfortable with a shift in society. I'm in my 50s and processing that too. However, as my daughter (she's 20) suggests, just ask: What are your pronouns?

Take care, -Randy (He/Him/His)

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over on bsky they're having a problem with an influx of nazis and im just like "wow that sucks. over on mastodon any place that nazis congregate just gets yeeted into the sun. also we can post gifs"
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It seems like many people on Bluesky foam angrily at the mouth when Mastodon comes up. It's the stuffy place they don't want to be. It breaks our heart a little.

We've been here since 2019 and it's mostly been enjoyable. We've learned so much more about open source and the people who stayed after Muskrat bought the birdsite have been a boon.

We never found Mastodon to be difficult to use, it just requires a bit more patience at times.

I saw an article the other day that claimed blewskie is open source and distributed, so they just need to create a new instance and block the instances that contain Nazis. Oh, you can't do that? I guess it's neither open source nor distributed.

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peeps, there’s a lot of #COVID-19 out there right now, so be aware, and #MaskUp 😷

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I never stopped masking in public, have had 7 COVID shots, and I was just diagnosed with COVID for the first time on Monday. I’m high risk, and so is my housemate who was diagnosed on Tuesday. This strain is extremely contagious, and felt like a mild head cold/sniffles at the onset. Please mask up.


Shantell, I just saw your post. I hope you’re feeling better & you recover completely.
I’ve never stopped 😷 either. It’s not perfect, but 😷 & vaccination are the best we can do individually. My partner and I are both high risk as well. So far we’ve been lucky. We are getting flu + COVID #6 on Friday. It’s frustrating because our public health communication has really let us down; we’re more vulnerable now because too many people think it’s either gone now, or not dangerous. 🫤

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Content warning: mh: ADHD

Content warning: uspol: Trump

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Any #Plan9 gurus on the fedi?

I've managed to break my profile causing me to be unable to connect to my account. It disconnects me upon running the profile script. drawterm -c is not an option because it executes the profile disconnecting me before even running the command. drawterm -G's a no-go as well.

Is there a way I can mount my remote home directory into my local (Debian 12) filesystem so that I can fix the profile without running rcpu?


Content warning: scary compiler error

You need at least openssl1.1 this seems like you only have 1.0 which has not been supported for 3 years and counting.
@m00dy if you can bring up a plan9 instance in qemu (or other vm) you can import your fs (see 9fs).
@moody That's surprising. Stuff in Debian's repositories is often out of date, but not usually that out of date.
Yeah, something does seem a bit fishy, sorry that it doesn't work out for you. I'll get a debian VM going in a bit and figure out whats up. In terms of booting a 9front VM, you should be able to use the live CD for connecting, you don't need to do a full install first. For what that's worth.

@moody Such is the nature of compiling C code. I really wish it had some sort of automatic dependency management, but what can you expect from a language that old?

When the bootcamp is over, I actually want to get into writing software for Plan9, because despite being very C-centric, it seems a nice system to develop for.

Edit: autocorrupt

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I figured out the issue, it was somehow related to the ordering of passing the -l flags to cc (ugh!), if you pull the latest code from it should build fine on debian stable now. You will need both libssl-dev and pkg-config. I've added debian to the CI builds for this now so this shouldn't slip by again without me noticing. Thanks for the bug report.

Plan 9 C thankfully has none of this insanity, as you've noticed.

@moody So I ran:
./tlsclient -u jlamothe -h -a -p 17019 rm /usr/jlamothe/lib/profile
...but my profile still seems to exist. It's giving me the same error about line 7 when I connect using drawterm.
You need -R to make tlslcient act like rcpu, by default it works closer to tlsclient on 9front. If you choose to just remove the file don't forget to re-run /sys/lib/newuser to generate a new default.

Cool, so now you can do something like:

tlsclient -R -h -a rc -i

Then edit profile with either ed or sam -d.

@moody oh my god, I have a prompt!

Thank you!!

Edit: I was clearly too happy here to be bothered with proper spelling.

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Katy and I have made the trek out to this little #KoreanBBQ place downtown Kitchener almost every Sunday for the past several months now. Every time we do, We're once again shocked at how good it is. You'd think we'd have just gotten over it by now, but not so. #KWAwesome #WRAwesome #DTK

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@Bob Jonkman According to the sign, it's called "Korean BBQ". Unimaginative name, great food.

Here's their web site:

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@Bob Jonkman They've been around for as long as I can remember. I must've driven past them a thousand times, but we didn't actually try them out until earlier this year.

Can anyone recommend any resources to help me understand Plan9's factotum? For whatever reason, I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the contents of the man page.

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Thinking about looking into Matrix, even though I still don't understand what it offers that XMPP doesn't, primarily because I can get an account as part of my @SDF.ORG membership. What clients do y'all recommend? I need one for Android, and one that will run in a GNU/Linux (Debian) terminal.
I'm fine with "conversation" on android and on debian I use in Firefox... well, not really termimal uh 😀
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I use element on android.

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*Driving home from running some errands.*

Me: Hmm... thats strange. That cop is following me from awfully far back. I wonder what that's about.

Katy: Do you think he's running our plates?

Me: You'd think he'd get closer to read it, but still it seems fishy.

*I pull into a lane that people normally use for turning right, but I need it because the entrance to my parking lot is coming up.*

Me: Ah, the cop's signalling that he's turning right. I was just being paranoid.

*After I clear the intersection, the signal goes off and the turn is aborted.*

Me: Yup... we're being followed. We weren't speeding. Do you think we have a tail light out or something?

*I pull into the parking lot. The lights come on and the cop pulls in behind me.*

Turns out our tags were expired. You don't have to pay for them, but you *do* have to click on some things to renew them for some reason that I still don't understand. Historically we've always gotten a notice in the mail, but not so this time around. Fortunately, I got off with a warning, would've been a $495 ticket otherwise.

If you're an Ontario resident, maybe check on that if you haven't.

@Darcy Casselman My favourite part of the interaction:

Cop: Are you still at $address?

Me: Yeah... that's this building right here.

that's another easy $150 if not...

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It's not immigrants who are making your life harder.

It's not poor people.

It's not minorities.

It's not LGBT people.

All that other stuff is just to distract you from noticing the actual problem.

Headline 1:
Workers lost $3.7 trillion during the pandemic. Women and Gen Z saw the biggest losses.

Headline 2:
World's billionaires get richer by 3.9 trillion during pandemic