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I guess with the influx of new users to the Fediverse, we're doing introductions now, so here's mine:

I'm a # and # enthusiast and developer. I'm also an # who's trying to create safe spaces for those who are recovering from high-demand control groups.


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So this whole # # experiment has been a smashing success. This will be the last post I boost from my legacy accounts, and I'll be checking them with less frequency. If you've not followed the new account, now would be a good time.

I want to extend a special thanks to opencube and fosstodon for giving me my first taste of the #.

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Content warning: blog post on Mormonism

Content warning: blog post on Mormonism

Your # is a # device! Don't use it during a war!

Ukrainian soldiers were regrouped in a school, Among one a trooper posted this image on Social Media, Russians saw this post and the Same building was struck by a Russian Missile after 30 minutes. 14 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and many were wounded.

How The # Can Send A # After Any # # -

The Russians and all the other high-tech armies have the same technology! Turn your smartphone off to be sure.

If you really need it # then preferably via # or only briefly in places that are unimportant and far away from the actual shelter. For # # use this app:

Please finally remember this information. It can save your life!

# # # # # # # # # # #

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