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No, you spent all day farming virtual crops to stock a fake bakery. #minetest

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A few times recently I've had new users join my #Minetest server and ask who's hosting it. I can see two scenarios where they would ask this question:

Scenario 1: They want to learn about how to set up a Minetest server of their own, in which case I am more than happy to indulge this curiosity.

Scenario 2: They're a script kiddie who wants to "hack" my server, in which case, by virtue of the fact that they have to ask for this information, I am unconcerned that they have the necessary skill level to accomplish this, and there is no harm in telling them.

Edit: autocorrupt

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So, it turns out that my poor laptop cannot handle #Minetest and #CoolRetroTerm at the same time. I have to use a boring terminal emulator to watch the console.

My #Minetest server gets the odd drive-by player and the even more infrequent griefer, but today someone spent a good chunk of the day just building stuff. Glad to see someone else enjoying it.

Finally had my first significant griefer on my #minetest server. Had to shut it down to fix the damage they'd done, but we're back up and running again.

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