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Content warning: whinging about Rogers (Canadian telco)

I just straight-up watched a cat use a crosswalk. He walked up to a busy intersection, sat patiently looking across the street, and as soon as the lights changed giving the pedestrian crossing the right of way, crossed the street.

God help me, I've started to like using #ed.

Is it the most efficient way to edit text files? No.

Is it weirdly fun to figure out how to manipulate it into doing what I want?

Kind of.

I am an old guy that used TECO — that was weird fun too as I remember. Very powerful but totally obtuse.
@Brian Sullivan I should look into TECO as well. I have an account on SDF's TOPS-20 system that I like to play around with from time to time.
One of the guys I worked with in the early 70s wrote an entire text star wars game in a TECO macro.
Like vi/vim then, although their aficionados would never admit it.

Welp, my internet connection is absolute trash today. Hooray for monopolies!

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Hi there"
I'm thinking about opening a store with some of my drawing/designs.

Would you be interested on it?

If so, what would you like to see there from mine ( Flying cars? Batrachian figures? Spaceships? ) and what kind of product would you like to have available for it?

Evolution and morphological figures are pretty harmless though 😀
@Ailantd Sikowsky I can dig a Vitruvian Man design with a Batrachian figure instead. I will have a hard time explaining the joke every time someone asks about it but it's worth it.

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From a data privacy perspective, cars are just cell phones on wheels now and I hate it so much.

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are we going to see a retro throwback “Luddite” trend of people fixing up old beater Honda Civics and 1980 VW Beetles?
I think it's worse than that. At least with most Android phones you are allowed to replace the OS, disable tracking, etc. It might not be easy, but it's possible to do without losing the functionality of the phone (not Samsung, they're pretty bad). Tesla warns you that opting out of their data collection program might result in your car ceasing to function. If they stop being vehicles if you don't let them spy on you, then their primary function is not as a vehicle.
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I have a complaint about #Plan9 #C.

I don't like that a literal 0 is accepted as a null pointer. I just spent an embarrassingly long time tracking down a segfault because in an attempt to zero out a buffer, I accidentally used memcpy(&buf, 0, sizeof(buf)) instead of memset(&buf, 0, sizeof(buf)).

The compiler should've been able to catch this.

#c #plan9
@moody then I suppose my complaint is with C itself. ;)
There is a reason why go removed all implicit casts.

How do I know I'm getting old? I've finally reached the age where I routinely find myself asking: "do I really want to bend over to pick that up?"

The thing about writing a unit testing framework from scratch is that you can't use test driven development to make it, but hey, at least I'm not building a compiler from scratch.
Ah, I see. A bootstrapping problem.

@Benny has decided that he wants to help me work today. I'm getting the impression that he does not know C at all.

Been doing some work in C lately, and I have to admit, I miss lambdas. It has function pointers, but they're not the same thing.

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If you live somewhere that recently reverted to Standard Time, remember that Dubious Goals Committee will air ONE HOUR EARLIER according to your local clock.

🕢 19:30 UTC is ALWAYS 19:30 UTC.

Don't look at me, I didn't invent Daylight Saving; I think it's stupid too. 😖

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@tob This is why UTC is the One True Timezone.

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Apparently, querying YouTube's RSS feed (that they admittedly don't advertise, but do provide) is a violation of their Terms of Service?
a notice from YouTube which reads as follows:
Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.  Please try your request again later.

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I feel personally attacked by this cartoon.
Cartoon. First pane, two buttons: "admit to yourself your dream is dead", and "pay $12" Second pane, a light-skinned man with red hair and super hero clothing, sweats, has a handkerchief, and the words "Domain Renewal" is on the bottom.

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Content warning: Off-topic: data privacy, AI

Content warning: Off-topic: data privacy, AI

Content warning: Off-topic: data privacy, AI

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So my boyfriend went to a bioinformatics hackathon in Spain and his team was all people from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, built into an old church

This is TOTALLY the place to go if you want to create god

Photo of pristine glowing server racks embedded in a glass container in the center of an old church hall

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This is the only God I recognize
Mostly because it will totally ruin your life if you so much as look at it wrong...
@float13 thou shalt beep not at the High Booper,,

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We need a news wire service.

We need a distribution network.

We need to embrace the technological realities of our modern age and bring forth the promise of distributed manufacturing.

(This is not a new thought for me, or for the world. I've got pages on how it could/might work, and even a url attached. the time has come, the walrus said.)

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I wonder... Is building a newswire as conceptually easy as it seems?

@drwho As far as I can tell, it's mostly a matter of labor.

There were half a dozen indie news services historically.

@drwho It is tempting, and would be valuable, but our org would be better participating, rather than leading such an initiative.

Been writing a little extension for acme mail in #Plan9. It's been a while since I've touched C though.

I, being me, am making it harder on myself by going full #TDD on this project.

Spent the morning meticulously reworking the budget, and was feeling rather proud of myself.

This evening a visit to the emergency vet undid a bunch of that work. Guess I have to revisit it again tomorrow, but at least @Benny is going to be okay.

It turns out that #ed is a surprisingly good editor for working with #markdown formatted files (especially notes). Hint: g/^#/n will give you a nice table of contents.

So, I recently switched from an #AMD64 #VPS to an #ARM one, and I'm trying to gradually bring all the services I was running back up on the new server. It has generally been pretty easy since most of the actual hosting is being done on a local machine and the VPS is serving as more of a router, but I am having some trouble with my #Owncast server.

I can just reinstall it, but I don't know how to carry over the federation information (and associated keys). I have a backup copy of the owncast directory from the old server, but given that it contains AMD64 binaries, I can't just copy the whole directory and call it a day. Is ther eany way I can copy this data out of the old directory and import it into a fresh installation?


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More people should swing a baseball bat in their house blindfolded
Ad for a virtual reality batting practice tool, it's a big full sized baseball bat with a thing attached to it and the person is wearing a VR headset

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this is the modern evolution of the useless plastic wiimote shells

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To every person who's publicly and proudly transgender, queer, gay, lesbian, ace, poly, pan, bi, black, indigenous, a person of color, disabled, neurodivergent, plural, autistic, ADHD, etc:

Thank You

Visibility matters. Simply being yourself can impact the lives of others in ways you cannot even fathom. I would not have found myself if not for people like you :heart_pride:

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OK that's cute and getting printed out and put on my front door

I'm not much of a Starbucks person. I find they lean too hard on sugar to make their drinks palatable, which isn't great if you're diabetic.

That said, #today our niece (a Starbucks connoisseur) introduced us to matcha. I think I finally have a go-to drink when Katy wants to go there.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that their matcha mix contains sugar. 🙁

Just to make you aware, their Matcha mix contains sugar:

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Just to make you aware, their Matcha mix contains sugar:

@Susan ✶✶✶✶ Disappointing, but good to know. Thanks for the heads-up.