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I guess with the influx of new users to the Fediverse, we're doing introductions now, so here's mine:

I'm a # and # enthusiast and developer. I'm also an # who's trying to create safe spaces for those who are recovering from high-demand control groups.


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So this whole # # experiment has been a smashing success. This will be the last post I boost from my legacy accounts, and I'll be checking them with less frequency. If you've not followed the new account, now would be a good time.

I want to extend a special thanks to opencube and fosstodon for giving me my first taste of the #.
I was thinking about standing up my own instance, but then I read about all of the DCMA requirements and risks, even with content federated to your instance from elsewhere -
@Taco 🌮​ I'm Canadian. The DMCA can't touch me, though we likely have similar laws.

To be honest though, I'm such a small node in a sea of much larger ones that I feel the risk is minimal.

I don't knowingly host infringing content, but it's essentially impossible to be sure.

Perhaps my hubris will bite me down the line. I suppose time will tell.
that's the part that got me, it doesn't even need to be content you post. It could be simply accessible from your instance via federation.

Even if you do nothing wrong and ultimately win in court, unless you meet all of the requirements to the letter it just takes one asshole rights holder to completely ruin your day.
@Jonathan Lamothe congrats, from a fellow Friendica self-hoster!

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!Friendica Support

So, it's come to my attention that when I upload a photo to Friendica, the exif data is not automatically stripped out of it, as had been my assumption. Is there some setting that I can change to correct this behaviour? Looks like I've been broadcasting my address with nearly every photo I've posted.

I can't put the genie back in the bottle, but I can at least stop broadcasting it.

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@tastytea Oof! Seems the feature request has been stuck since late 2019:

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I use jhead -purejpg *.jpg to strip all tags before uploading. If I don't forget it..

Content warning: canpoli

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Just got an email from "McAffee" informing me that my nonexistent services will be renewed for the low price of $379.99. I apparently get to have up to five devices covered by their "anti-protection plan".

Good to know that at least part of the email was truthful, even if only because of a Freudian slip.

I've switched to a #NextCloud calendar. I have a shared calendar with @Katy Lamothe, who's still using #GoogleCalendar, and while I can subscribe to the NextCloud calendar from her Google account, it's not syncing when I add or modify appointments. The problem is definitely between Google and NextCloud as her web calendar isn't updating either.

Everything I search trying to fix it has to do with Google-hosted calendars not syncing with third-party apps. It annoys me that the assumption is that I'd not want to use anything other than Google Calendar.

Side note: the NextCloud calendar syncs perfectly with her Apple Calendar, but she doesn't like it.

Just accidentally re-applied for a job I'd previously been rejected for. I only recognized it by the rejection email telling me that not only were they not proceeding with the application process, but that they weren't even keeping my resume on file.

At least they replied to me at all, I guess.
@Jonathan Lamothe maybe someone different there will consider it

I've mentuoned this before, but all this talk surrounding AI and plagiarism raises interesting questions about consciousness itself. All of the "creative" ideas I've ever had were inspired by my personal experiences. Just because I'm not consciously aware of how this process works, does that really make it all that different from the process of training an AI?

I honestly don't know.
@Jonathan Lamothe A human will entertain a thought, link it to its probable inspiration, and either credit the original author or discard it altogether in favor of the original. AI always goes: “I made this 🤓”.
^Good answer, Hypolite.
Jonathan, you mentioned "plagiarism". That is what I was thinking of when I said "cheat". But are you talking about students who cheat by letting AI write their papers?
I guess AI already does stuff that would be considered cheating or plagiarism if a person did it.
Music may, or may not, be your thing, but your brain does not work like a computer. You are alive. There is a big difference.
I believe that people who do a lot of coding are more prone to believing in a parallel between thinking and coding. They may be mimicking computers more than the computers are mimicking them.

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Does anyone know if there is a decent #FOSS solution to editing #LibreOffice documents (particularly spreadsheets) on an #Android device? Bonus points if it works nicely with #NextCloud. I've come across collabora, but it seems proprietary.
Follow-up question: is there an iPhone solution for this? It's all for naught if I can't get @Katy Lamothe on board.

I've only seen viewing on iPhone (Libre Office viewer Lite). Never tried it though because of the data tracking (Identifiers, usage data, and diagnostics).

Just finished watching I'm Thinking of Ending Things hoping that by the end it would make more sense. I think this is a movie that would be better enjoyed on some sort of mind altering substance.

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This is my first toot on Mastodon, so why not making this meaningful? I am Stefan and I write games for classic home computers from the 80s (almost 30 systems), mostly interactive fiction in the style of the old #Infocom games. A few of the former Infocom peeps even played my games... how cool is that? Here's some of the hardware I use to test my releases. More to come, stay tuned 🫵
Feel free to ping me when you progress. I'd love to give it a go 😀
It’s more of a learning exercise in a new programming language than an actual game but I’ll hunt you down and make you play it if it gets to that state.

I'd heard @Andrew (R.S Admin) mention "The small things Manifesto", but this is the first time I ever took the time to read it. If you haven't already, it's worth a read.
It really shook up some of my views and confirmed others. Good promo.
Bookmarked for later

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What they DIDN'T teach you in Art School, today Sat Jan 21 on:

The Dubious Goals Committee!

Broadcasting LIVE on aNONradio!
2:30pm Eastern, 11:30 Pacific time.

Listen here:

#art #crayons #tagging #recycle #dubious #anonradio

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Dubious crayons!

Getting progressive lenses today (actually, they'll probably take a couple days to be ready). I've always been able to get away with single vision lenses, but I guess I'm just getting old. I hear they take some getting used to, though I do like the frames I picked.
The aforementioned frames:
photo of me in the optometrist's office wearing an N95 mask and a pair of glasses with a 50s-ish style of frames, but they transition into a transparent frame toward the bottom

Content warning: uspol, GOP racism

White American Snowflake Protection Act

Content warning: Ontario politics

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Content warning: interaction with Mormons

well, good luck with them. try not to shred them too badly.

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Content warning: mormonism

So, it seems that Google's support for non-Google calendars is absolute garbage.
I a calendar sync setup with Google <-> Fastmail. Fastmail then provides proper CalDAV so you can use it natively with IOS or things like caldr.

A hacky solution, but it works well enough.
@Micheal :cursor: Yeah, I have a NextCloud server which supports CalDAV, but @Katy Lamothe doesn't want to switch away from Google Calendar. I actually have it synced with her native iOS calendar already. She just doesn't like it.
I've had reasonable success with gnome-calendar before, but I don't use it for more than just viewing events, I don't really add many myself.

Been reading up on #Python lately. I know that classes in Python "doesn't support" private values, but could this functionality not be implemented with closures?

Edit: typo
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If the #Python rules and conventions of _ prefixes don't meet the needs for 'privacy', perhaps choose another tool from the tool-box instead of trying to hammer-in a screw?
@dn Not my project. I didn't pick the tool.

That said, it was more of a hypothetical question.
Use camel case. Nobody in their right mind would access the variable: accessMe. It's the absolute foul proof way to create private variables. Also bring forced to use at least two words to name a variable will make the code easier to read ... Wait camel case. It will always be unreadable :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatattention:

A while back we made the mistake of buying those stupid brown paper towels because they were dirt cheap.

Turns out there's a reason they're so cheap. I swear to God they're hydrophobic. Water literally beads off of them.

0/10 - Would not buy again.

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I was just fired. If you know someone hiring staff level software engineers, preferably in a #sre, #devops, or #PlatformEngineering space, I'd love to talk.

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Honestly, I should thank my old CTO for ambushing the department with his ridiculous quarterly roadmap bullshit. It means I spent all week having 1:1s with my fellow engineers to make sure I understood their priorities, instead of doing something useless like programming.

Want to brush up on my #Python #MySQL and #JavaScript for a technical interview I may or may not get shortly. If anyone has any recommendations for additional resources that might be helpful, I'd be happy to look at them.
For SQL, I found a bit ago. Has exercises at the bottom of each page, could be useful as a catch up, found it nice myself.

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Consent, a quick guide for tech bros:

Opt-out: I just stuck my ice cream cone in your mouth, you can remove it if you don’t like it.

Opt-in: Would you like some ice cream?

#consent #tech #technology #techBros #optIn #optOut #iceCream
Yes or Later: You're going to get this crammed in your mouth whether you like it or not.

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Giving people an opt out is not the same as gaining their consent.

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@kazy As long as consumers are warned ahead of time, negative option methodologies can be a time-saver for both sides.
I know, but I felt like I had to do it for my own good.

Yesterday I learned about a potential job through the fediverse. Tomorrow I have an interview for the said job lined up. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I may be about to #GetFediHired
I hope it works out for you. And it would be cool for the fediverse if this happens regularly. To different people though , not to you. I wish you stability
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Good luck!!!

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Okay, so I've set up my own Mastodon instance and so far it has not been a fun experience. I have zero confidence in my ability to keep this running so let's see how it goes.

To anyone of the on a single-user instance, how to you deal with getting the federated timeline populated? (I realise that at this point no one will see this post but still)

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