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Finally had to leave the apartment to run an errand. My asthma is not liking the current air quality. Still, the jet stream has been relatively kind to us so far. Glad I don't live in New York.

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Feed Curation Help

!Friendica Support
I'm trying to help my partner curate a feed. Given that I'm easily the most active user on this node much of the global feed is, well... nerd stuff. I've subscribed her to some kbin groups that are in line with some of her interests, but it seems that everything I so much as like appears in her feed as well, cluttering it quite a bit.

I have her followed content scope set to: "Conversations my follows started or commented on (default)" so I don't see why this is happening. I could set it to "only conversations my follows started", but I worry that would prevent her to see things posted to the groups she's subscribed to.

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@Hypolite Petovan In light of this, someone may want to review the behavior of Followed content scope under Settings ➡️ Social Networks ➡️ General Social Media Settings

Edit for clarification: Under the default config, the last two options are functionally identical.

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@Jonathan Lamothe Huh, I didn’t realize there were three distinct options, so they should be differentiated.

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why is everything in the galaxy terrible now

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Data, Wash, and Book all died is why.

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PeerTube, the Fediverse's alternative to YouTube, is normally associated with video. However, you can also upload audio files directly to PeerTube. It will accept lots of audio formats including .mp3, .ogg, .aac, .flac, .wma etc.

You can optionally upload an image file as a thumbnail. If not, audio files will show a black screen by default.

You can find out more about PeerTube at

#PeerTube #FediTips #Audio #Music #Podcasts #Fediverse

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Each server is totally independent, legally and technically. It's up to each individual server's owner to comply with legal requirements in their country.
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understood - we just thought you might have discussed it with them

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Network Feed Not Loading

!Friendica Support
As the title suggests, I've been having trouble getting my home feed to load lately. It keeps timing out. It's been an intermittent issue, but seems to be getting worse. Everything else works, and other accounts on the same server seem to be less affected.

I've recently set my database to prune remote content that is more than 30 days old hoping that that would help, but if anything it's gotten worse. I'm wondering if the pruning itself is contributing to the problem. I imagine it's a rather computationally expensive process; how often is it done?

Though, the problem could be something else entirely. Any thoughts?

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My older node seems to be behaving similarly on develop.

My new node, on stable, doesn't do this.

Both have expiry of non local posts and database optimisation enabled.

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It was running ok before updating from stable

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Folks in the wildfire smoke, I’m so sorry.

My only notes as a West Coast asthmatic are: Test all your masks bc some will filter smoke better than others. Wash your clothes after being outdoors. Take extra showers if you can, especially before bed—and use something with a surfactant in your hair, bc co-wash doesn’t do a great job with smoke particles. Put your air filters in the bedroom at night. Offer extra masks to people who work outdoors.

Good luck. 💙💙💙

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Oh oh and get a CO2 monitor! It’s very easy to build up way too much CO2 in sealed indoor spaces and then you will feel like absolute shit even if the air is filtered clean.

Rigging up a filtered fresh-air intake is the only good way around this, you can do it with filters and a window and a bunch of painter’s tape in a pinch.

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The war on pleasure stems from the abuse culture belief that everyone must suffer, and pleasure must be earned only through hard work or force. Easy pleasures like sex and safe drugs, or even simply relief from trauma through any means other than committing violence, are seen as sinful because it comes from a worldview where authority, control, and punishment are (often unstated, unexamined) ideals. #philosophy #Culture #cults #AbuseCulture

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@zoomar Great insight. There’s a lot of theory of mind here, or what I call extrospection. They’d be happy with that, so everybody else will be.
@zoomar Or I should say they’re bad at extrospecting.

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We have exactly 2 choices:
An image of the Earth with the continent of Africa facing the viewer. The right side of the planet is engulfed in roaring flames. The text reads: "Screw Climate Change. The Earth is fucking fire. Fix it or die."

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Putting everything on Iomega Zip disk storage to protect against obsolescence


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the US is losing so much soft power by abusing its own citizens
These images and more actually make it to Arab, African and other social media users

There are much poorer countries that aren’t as bad as what’s in this video, only war zones can compare

Star Trek is one of those shows that's predicted a lot of stuff even though some of it is physically impossible, look at how they interact with the computer for example, VR is basically holodecks, and 3D printing is pretty similar to a replicator .

I'm pretty sure that every neighbourhood has that one retail location that becomes a new business every few months. After a decade or so of this, I have to wonder what the mindset of the person who decides to open up yet another storefront there is: "scores of other ventures have failed miserably in this location, but surely I'll get it right!"
we had one of those forever here but eventually someone just decided to live in it, we are still forever getting tiny cafes popping up and closing down though, never last more than 6 months 😐️
@wing The disheartening thing is that it's usually not a problem with the quality of the product. Those little independent places tend to have the best stuff.

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Instead of focusing on virtual reality maybe we should work on making actual reality suck less?
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Hey, here’s an idea, let’s stick a computer on your face.

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"let's stick a computer on your face PRO"

I have a better one hear me out

Just watched the #Apple #WWDC, and one thing that struck me was how much they talked about how they protect your privacy by keeping certain information encrypted on device... and then providing it via an API to third-party apps that can do whatever the hell they want with that data.
The user needs to give their consent. I think you’re being overly bitter with a company that actually puts in the work in privacy. There’s other aspects of Apple to be critical about. Like how materialistic they want their costumers to be and factory work conditions.
@Rafael Schmitt Well... I guess we can agree that there are other aspects of Apple to be critical about. 😉

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the most eco-friendly computer is the one you already own. i know they're not pretending they're green this year but. stop buying new shit and start demanding better support for keeping old shit running
@N1ZZZ Apple has not made a laptop with a replaceable battery for a long time. It would be substantially thicker and heavier to have all the extra hardware for a removable battery.
@EricFielding @N1ZZZ Apple _claims_ that it would be "substantially" thicker and heavier, but that's not really the case. For example, they claim that about the iPhone, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had a user-replaceable battery, and it was thinner than the contemporary iPhone, and not noticeably heavier.
Apple makes batteries non-removable because it's better for Apple, not because it's better for you. And then the rest of the industry follows.

you’re missing a second raspberryPi for the right eye xD

I just got a text message offering to sell me a domain that's very similar to one I already own. What irks me is how they got my cell phone number as it was a private registration.

I'm sure that information can be trivially bought through a data broker, but it's still creepy.

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Anakin: My mother is still a slave.
Amidala: Let's buy her freedom too!
Anaikin: Really?
Amidala: Sure. I'm a Queen. I'm stinking rich.

End credits


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I kind of wish #GrandRiverTransit would offer a day pass where you could get unlimited transit use for 24h. I would 100% take advantage of this. They already have monthly passes, but that's overkill (and stupidly expensive for how little I would use it).
I stand corrected, they do. I was just looking on the wrong section of the website.

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“Don’t use technology because it uses energy” is not a useful line of thinking.

Instead, the thinking should be “How do we make technology more energy efficient and sustainable?”

Take cars. What if you could drive one that was powered by human activity instead of gas or batteries?

We have something more energy efficient and sustainable: a velomobile.

It requires neither gasoline nor batteries. It’s fast, can carry cargo, as well as multiple humans. What’s more, they’re safer than bikes and protect you from the elements.

Most people should probably ride a velomobile instead of an automobile for their daily commute.

So why isn’t that happening?

Infrastructure. It’s hard enough convincing city halls to build bike lanes. It’s near impossible to convince them to use a technology hardly anyone has heard about before.

And yet, as a society, it’s probably better to tell people “You should build infrastructure for velomobiles” instead of “You shouldn’t drive a car.”

I, for one, want a future where cars are human-powered.

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Ban cars from York and give all the locals one.
Apart from blue badge holders or similar I hope?
they get modified ones! 😀

I tend to think that the future of cars should be as a specialist thing for people who have accessibility or geographic restrictions etc. They just aren't sustainable at the current level. We also need to actually fix public transport accessibility as possible.

One idea I had once for urban areas where it is very difficult to fix things everywhere (e.g. London) was a 'blue badge taxi'. It would be a specialist taxi service with the fare subsidised to the level of the equivalent journey on public transport.

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Woke up today to discover that the cat had knocked over our knife block and knives scattered all over the kitchen. One of the steak knives is now unaccounted for. I imagine he's hidden it somewhere.

This cat keeps finding new dangerous things to do in the apartment.

I've had a Mormon hymn stuck in my head for the past hour or so.

Send help.

Perhaps this...

If not, then perhaps some AC/DC.

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@Friendica Support I seem to be having trouble subscribing to kbin magazines from Friendica. See the linked conversation below.

@ernest Interestingly enough, it works from Mastodon, but not Friendica. I shall have to inform support.