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Accidentally bungled the database doing routine maintenance today. Had to restore from yesterday's backup.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

We are working on an in-game electronics tutorial using the Mesecons package. It's still a work-in-progress, but can be checked out by visiting the "Classroom" from the teleport pad at the spawn point.

To facilitate more flexible shops without negatively impacting the existing vending machines, we have added the Currency mod.
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The Currency mod gives players an "income" of 100 minegold per hour (10 minegold every 6 minutes). As an experiment, the bakery at the spawn point has been switched over to accepting minegold instead of actual gold ingots (which are difficult to come by). Hopefully, this will allow newer players to make use of the shops if they so desire.

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We are currently experiencing an upstream connectivity issue which is severely impacting our services. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

Because I'm on a roll, I mistakenly ran an rsync command backwards, and the Minetest server was rolled back by about a day.

Sorry about that.

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Reminder that we will be migrating to a new VPS today. Extended outages are to be expected.

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No, you spent all day farming virtual crops to stock a fake bakery. #minetest

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As an experiment, we have re-opened the bakery using Easy Vending Machines. Currently, only bread is available for purchase (in exchange for gold ingots) but we have also set up a small currency exchange for those who only have less precious metals. Expansion of the bakery will be slow, but if successful other shops will follow.

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At our current rate of traffic, we are likely to exceed our bandwidth quota before the end of the month. As a result, we will be moving to a better provider this Monday. Expect extended outages that day as we make the transition.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to an admistrative error all vehicles have been deleted. If you lost something, contact jlamothe for assistance or if I'm not there tag a chat message with #ModRequest.

There has been an update to the server guidelines. Numbers 2 and 9 have been clarified and number 11 has been added. See the full guidelines on our website at

We have swapped i3 for Unified Inventory. If you have lost anything in the changeover contact me directly (jlamothe, in-game) for assistance.

Looks like we're going to have to step up the replacement of i3 to tomorrow. If you lose anything in the changeover, please reach out to us for assistance.

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Two of our moderators who are members of the LGBTQ+ community built a giant pride flag at the spawn point. A new user just logged in, said "is that a pride flag?" and immediately logged out again.

While it was intended to foster inclusion I guess it has the added benefit of keeping undesirables off the server. 🙂

Given that the i3 mod is no longer maintaned, we will be transitioning away from it, probably in favour of Unified Inventory. Since I don't want players to lose their waypoints, contents of their bags, etc., this changeover will be taking place over a period of time to hopefully allow everyone to safeguard whatever they care about. A more detailed plan will be forthcoming shortly.

The whitelist has been disabled again. The user causing the DoS attack has been banned.

Just a note: we do not now, nor will we ever have a YouTube (or Twitch) channel. Any such channel you see there claiming to represent this server is not official.

Anything official will be announced from this account or our web site.

Whitelist has been re-enabled. The problem has been identified as a bug in the i3 mod, which is unfortunately no longer maintained. I'm going to try to patch it, but it will eventually need to be replaced.

More details as they become available.

Again, email me at if you want on the whitelist.

Having some server stability issues since last night. DoS attack is suspected. Server is in whitelist mode while we investigate the cause in more detail. If you want to be added to the whitelist, send an email with your player name to

Friendly reminder that moderators are volunteers who help to keep the game running smoothly. They are not ATMs or vending machines.

Temporarily disabled sprinting. It was a little over-powered.

Also, there's been some confusion about protected chests. They need to be within the range of a protection block to work. This allows you to specify a list of users who are allowed access.

Locked chests work on their own, however.

Apologies for any issues this may have caused.

A thing I just learned recently: if you craft the mailbox from the Home Decor mod you get a mailbox that anyone can drop items into but only its owner can remove from.

We've added a few new modpacks that you may not be aware of. You can now type /spawn to return to the spawn point. We've also added Teleporter Pads and Minetest Wadsprint (the latter of which needs some tweaking as it's a little over powered).

Just a heads-up: if you've been banned for Naziism, don't bother appealing. Also, shout out to our awesome volunteer mod team for some excellent work this morning.

Since there's been some confusion: while typing in all caps is a little annoying, it shouldn't be considered a banning offense in and of itself.

Also, please remember that moderators are volunteers and are also people. Please do not intentionally provoke them.

I want this to be a welcoming community.

We've had a few requests for mod packs to be added. I've looked at them, and the reviews claim that they can be buggy on laggy servers, so while I am planning on adding them, I want to get some network congestion issues resolved first.

Upgrades are planned for the near future. Stay tuned.

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Brief outage today as I somehow misconfigured the routing tables... ironically enough, trying to resolve a network congestion issue.

Everything's been restored, but the original issue hasn't been resolved yet. Will work on it some more later... hopefully without breaking the Internet again.

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I've been troubleshooting some network congestion issues that have cropped up recently. 95% certain I know the cause and already have a partial solution in place, but working on a better one.

Edit: typo

Just haded out a slew of 24-hour bans to spawn griefers. Repeat offences will be longer.

If you'd like to request a mod pack that isn't installed. You can just request it in the in-game chat using the #ModRequest hashtag (whether I'm there or not). I will regularly check the chatlogs for this tag.

Minor guideline update to address courteous building practices. Guideline number three has been slightly edited, and a new number four has been added. Full details at

Reports of griefing at the spawn point. I've temporarily enabled the whitelist until I have a chance to assess and repair the damage.

Another noteworthy mod that was added recently, but not mentioned: Rebreather

It lets you craft a mask that lets you breathe for extended periods under water.

Mod update:
We've added the Random Teleport mod. You can now type /rtp to be teleported to a random area of the map. We've also replaced the Skins DB mod with the Edit Skin mod because it's far more customizable. Type /skin to edit your character's skin.

By request, the amount of airship parking at the spawn point has been increased., you spent all day building a virtual parking lot.

This is the official fediverse account for Jon's Minetest Server. You can keep up-to-date on any important server news here.

The admin's personal account is at @Jonathan Lamothe
#Minetest #introduction

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