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Nice article -- I'm pretty sure that the namespace features of the Linux kernel were influenced by Plan 9, though they do look different.

Just decommissioned the old Linode server.

Been going through the SDF Boot Camp?

@dpflug I am.

I started the one last year, but for some reason got stuck on the first challenge. This time it just worked. I don't know what was different.

It's been kind of a wild ride so far. There will likely be a blog post in the coming days.

I've discovered a downside to #Plan9. When my ISP is having issues and my connection gets sketchy, SSH still just kinda works, but with Plan9's drawterm being graphical, a bad connection makes it basically unusable.

Hopefully Rogers gets their shit together by tomorrow.

We are currently experiencing an upstream connectivity issue which is severely impacting our services. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

Is it just me or is @Mullvad VPN not implementing IPv6 correctly? The #WireGuard config I got issues me an address in the fc00::/8 range (which has been reserved but as far as I know not implemented) and can't seem to route traffic to outside hosts. IPv4 works great, though.

If you are comfortable doing so, please consider reaching out to our Support Team via email to explain what issues you are facing.

support at mullvad dot net

Can anyone recommend a #VNC server for #Windows? The one that keeps coming up is RealVNC, but it seems to force you to create an account and run everything through their servers. I don't want any of that garbage, especially since VNC is not an encrypted protocol, and could easily be eavesdropped upon and/or MitM'd.

This is to do remote tech support on my father's PC. I've already got him on my private VPN, so there's no need to worry about dynamic IP or NAT issues. I thought about Windows' native Remote Desktop software, but in Microsoft's infinite wisdom that's not available on his particular version of Windows.


we use Tightvnc which is completely standalone.

You absolutely need to put a VPN in front of it though; don't just open it to the interwebs.

I'm not sure about windows. I use Spice to access the VM's on my servers.

Content warning: AI use in hospitals

Content warning: AI use in hospitals

Content warning: AI use in hospitals

So, the computer tabulats X, Y, and Z were done. There are no other procedures identified. Send the patient home. And so they keep sending the patient home and the patient keeps showing up in the Emergency Room. Finally the hospital recommends a nursing home for the patient.

Because I'm on a roll, I mistakenly ran an rsync command backwards, and the Minetest server was rolled back by about a day.

Sorry about that.

Just a reminder that while #Mastodon is a large piece of the #fediverse, the fedi is much larger than just Mastodon.
Much buggier, evidentally (Looks like a web front-end bug... Tusky renders it properly)

Changeover to Hetzner is 99% complete. We ran into some unforseen complications, namely a typo in the firewall config that took some time to diagnose and fix.

God, I never want to have to do that again.

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As a side note, automated emails are still not working.

Edit: they're working now.

I have just updated the A and AAAA records for Waiting on everything to break before it gets fixed.

Reminder that we will be migrating to a new VPS today. Extended outages are to be expected.

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Content warning: nerdy puzzle

Content warning: hint

Content warning: another

Content warning: uspol

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No, you spent all day farming virtual crops to stock a fake bakery. #minetest

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