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Still having some stability issues. I've tweaked some settings on the database to try to alleviate the congestion.

System was down for a good chunk of the day because the main drive suddenly and unexpectedly became full. System is back up and running, but taking a while to resynchronize with the rest of the network.

Hopefully things should level out in a few hours.

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I love it when the photo of a component and the schematic drawing on the data sheet disagree with each other.


Guess I'll have to wait 'till I have the physical component in my possession to find out for sure.

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Never mind. I just saw the alternate drawing on the second page.

It's been a while, but I just put a DigiKey order through. Gonna build a thing!

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For all the filtering options that DigiKey has on their web site, I wish you could filter based on minimum order quantity.

No, I do not want to buy 3000 voltage regulators.

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Content warning: bear/man

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The great thing about being an adult is that if you want to have candy for dinner, nobody is going to stop you.

The terrible thing about being an adult is that if you want to have candy for dinner, nobody is going to stop you.

Is anyone else running the community edition of #Nextcloud getting a notification in the Android app that their server is at "end of life" and to upgrade despite being on the latest version? Are they killing off the community edition or something?

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Yes, Just checked. I am. I'm running a #self-hosted #nextcloud instance, version 25.0.10. I've been scared of update since I saw an issue a month or so ago with a bug that scared me (can't recall details sorry!)

Edit... just re-read this...I'm not latest version!

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@Tom I always do a backup immediately before an update in the event that something goes sideways. So far, I've never had to roll back, but it's a good thing to do regardless.
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Yep, however the frequency of upgrades does also scare me. Move fast and break stuff! I must upgrade...v29...but four versions to hop!
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No, this shouldn't happen. What Nextcloud version do you use? Sometimes, if dependencies like the min. PHP version changes, the server doesn't show the update if the dependencies are not met. In such a situation it might look like you are on the latest version, while you are not.
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This explains it, Nc25 is out of life since October 2023, see the link I posted. The latest version is Nc29. I assume that you need to update your PHP version in order to update your Nextcloud.
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Here you can find the latest versions and compare it to your version:
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As said, one explanation would be that you run PHP 7.4 which was deprecated in Nextxloud 25 and is no longer supported in Nextxloud 26. In this case you are on "the latest version for your system" but not on the latest in general
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@Björn Schießle I think I figured out my problem. I'm running an older version of PHP that is no longer supported by later versions.

Edit: It irks me that it didn't warn me about this before now though.

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Lifetime elision only applies on function signatures. It might be because no one has done the work? Though I think it's nice to be explicit that the struct holds a reference to something.

Explicit lifetimes would be necessary for a struct with multiple references (or I guess a rule that says they're either all the same or all unique). These are not the same:

struct Foo<'a> {
  bar: &'a String,
  baz: &'a String,
struct Foo<'a, 'b> {
  bar: &'a String,
  baz: &'b String,

More info on the elision rules is at the Rustonomicon.
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@Ryan Frame This makes sense. One would think however that they could infer it if there's only one reference in the struct the say way you don't have to specify a lifetime for methods that only have a &self and return a reference.

Content warning: TikTok ban

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So you'd put up with the sound of crickets to spite them all. Good luck with that.

I need to know what is going on. I don't have cable tv (a real corporate problem) and my "social media" include my local weather info (via Youtube) as does a lot of my news sources etc.

And ALL my interests are in things that no longer have magazines or newspapers exclusive to them, instead them have Podcasts, Youtube Channels, etc. Same with most of the folks I communicate with in my life (since I lost so many friends and relatives to the Pandemic).

It's not the 1990s anymore.

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@Joseph Teller That's not really likely to happen though, is it? At least not in the near future. Besides, if everyone jumped ship, there would be no content there to miss out on to begin with.

My original point though was that singling out TikTok as the only problem is rather silly.

Why does my HDMI TV overscan? This made sense in the CRT days, but I can't see any reason for it with HDMI.

Reading up on NES ROM programming.

For some reason, memory addresses 0x0000-0x07ff are mirrored three times (for a total of four identical regions of memory). In a system with such a small amount of addressable memory, why would anyone do that??

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Cheaper not to hook up a couple of the address lines; and unused addressing space is free if you aren't planning to use it anyway.

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