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I am a cat who was just adopted by @Jonathan Lamothe (he/him) and @Katy Lamothe. They have had many family members and friends requesting regular updates, so it was easiest to just put them in one place.

There is a new thing in the office. I think I like it.
photo of Benny (a cat) sleeping in a cat climber on top of an iPad
Does a pretty good job of keeping him from climbing on desks and keyboards.
We made the mistake of making tuna sandwiches right after taking this photo. The peace and quiet was instantly gone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today I figured out where Mama and Papa keep the treats.
photo of Benny (a cat) inside of a red bag containing various cat treats

Dear @Jonathan Lamothe (he/him),

Your keyboard is so cozy. Why won't you let me sleep on it?

One day, I will succeed at climbing into the kitchen garbage can.

In hindsight, this is an excellent way to generate accidental ad clicks.

I know I have fresh water in my dish, but I'd rather lick the condensation off the window.

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How to Catch a Mountain Lion
an illustrative guide

1. Place a cardboard box where the animal frequently visits.
2. Sit back and wait.
3. A cat is a cat is a cat.
A four part picture
1. The mountain lion is looking inside the cardboard box.
2. The mountain lion is snuggling(?) the cardboard box
3. The mountain lion is inside the cardboard box
4. The animal seem sooo amused.

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What's that? You wanted to make the bed? It's mine now.
photo of Benny (a cat) sprawled out on an unmade bed with a cat toy

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Mama figured out how to keep me occupied so that she and Papa could actually get some work done.
Benny (a cat) mesmerized by a television showing a squirrel in a pumpkin patch

You're feeding me an hour later today? Why?

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@Benny has decided that @Katy Lamothe's hair elastics are toys, and that they belong in his water dish.
photo of two curly hair elastics in a small water dish

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Papa was not paying enough attention.
photo of Benny sitting on Jon's shoulder; Jon looks unimpressed
Productivity is at an all-time low today.

Tuckered out after a busy day of running around like a maniac.
photo of Benny (cat) sleeping cozily on a fuzzy grey blanket with white polka dots

I just found stuff to play with in the magic sandbox that Mama and Papa leave for me in the bedroom. Papa just took them away.

Jonathan Lamothe doesn't like this.

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How dare you encroach upon my sushi fortress!?
photo of Benny inside of a cat hideaway that's shaped like a piece of sushi with a shrimp on top
Took him a while to find this thing, but now he lives in it.

The vacuum is an evil monster intent on devouring my soul.

Why chill on the couch when you can chill in the couch?

Okay... I'm starting to think that Mama and Papa are pretty okay, and I'll meow when they leave the room, but I also want to have an escape route so I can GTFO if needed.
He's invented a new game. Meow while staring directly at us to get our attention, and then hide when we move toward him.

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Meeting Papa for the first time.

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